While we're talking about scams

I just had an email allegedly from Ameli saying that there was a rebate of 58€ waiting for me if I liked to click the link given. I do regularly get emails from Ameli and this was not the same format. Secondly, when I hovered the mouse over the link it showed some obscure site. Thirdly, it was dated 1970! Forthly, there was commercial information at the bottom. Unfortunately I deleted it before I decided to report it properly and given the alleged date it has now been totally wiped out (my settings delete everything over one month old)

I just thought I would mention it in case someone clicks on the link without thinking, although probably most of us are too savvie by now :-)

I quite often get txt messages from (Orange) so a couple of times have phoned the English speaking helpline to be told no, not from us - any messages would be in the email part of Mon Compte, so I just delete the texts now without opening!

They usually have grammar mistakes and dodgy punctuation that make them even easier to spot.

yep I regularly get the tax rebate ones and only today in my spam folder an email from edf claiming a direct debit had failed - seeing that a)I don't actually use edf anymore b) it is an email account that didn't exisit when I did use them and c) the tiny bill I got following the whole tax increase law I actually paid in cash at La Poste, I deleted it