whispers....LOUD ones that UK may be downgraded

I AM sure that you have all know of this new piece of news.

Uk is under the microspcope for a possible down grade.

But apparently UK as a whole feels that Europe is dragging her down.

Lack of growth is nothing to do with UK.

All down to the erurozone tragerdy.

Well what do you think.

By the way where is Mr Buton these days and Thrive in France????

I feel that many people have the idea that Uk is supreme and untouchable.

Depends how you store the information you receive and how you perceive.

I have not heard anyone say that lack of growth is nothing to do with the UK. They have said that they have been affected by the eurozone problems which is true for all European countries including UK. A different thing to what you are saying., Moody has actually said that there is a 30% chance that it MAY be downgraded in the next 18 months which means there is a 70% chance that it won't be.