Who administers vaccinations/innoculations?

So we have registered with a local doctor :blush: No Carte Vitale yet, my pension should kick in soon so I will have some evidence of sufficient income…
Meantime, our tetanus jabs were found to be out of date. We were each given a prescription and have collected the vaccine from the pharmacy. We were told to keep it cool, so it is in the fridge.
Now for the admission of ignorance…what happens next? For those in the know it is probably obvious, but as a newbie in Franc e I am confused. Am I supposed to.make another appointment with the doctor to administer the vaccine? Or, is there normally a local payable service for this kind of thing?

Your dr will do it. If there is a cabinet d’infirmiers near you they could too, but generally just go to your dr or whoever prescribed it.


:+1: Spot on, as usual!

Most towns have Cabinet Infirmière (Nurses’ Surgery) and they will administer the vaccines for a small charge. Show the nurses your prescription and that usually includes authorisation to the nurse to administer it. This has been our experience. The cabinets are usually open 6 days, but only for a brief window in the morning, and some evenings, for issues like yours. The nurses are highly qualified and expert practitioners, and work peripatetically in the community.

Especially if you have yet to get carte vitale it will be more expensive to go to your doctor as that will be 25€ and if you go to local cabinet d’infirmière it will be about 6€. As others have said, most do a walk-in service usually first thing in the morning. Keep receipts tho just in case you can claim back on your health insurance.


Wherever you are going to get “needled”… make sure to keep the medication cool. We have a small insulated bag we use at such times… especially essential in today’s heatwave…

Thanks all.
Especially @Peter_Goble for the word of the day - “peripatetically”
Thanks for the reminder @Stella, our pharmacist was most insistent on that point too, wrapping the cartons in cardboard for transport home.

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Peripatetically :heart:
I like it too, Magwych. Crunchy and suits many occupational pursuits in the 21st C :taxi::articulated_lorry::bike::kick_scooter::motor_scooter::hourglass_flowing_sand::crescent_moon: