Who can claim from the Fonds de solidarité

Hi all. Just signed up simply to ask the following question:

Today I looked at the list of occupations that can access the €1,500 per month, but, from what I could read, it only seems to cover people in the service industry. Not very helpful for a computer consultant that used to rely on travel to other EU countries to do contract work.

Has anyone else looked at the list and not be able to access the fund due to their occupation?

Great site with tons of reading to do now!

Stay safe - Steve

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I would have thought a ‘Computer Consultant’ would fall squarely into
the ‘Service Sector’?

Unfortunately he list of affected professions has now been severely pruned so yup, I am sorry to say you no longer qualify :frowning:

Oh dear, how sad, never mind! Thank goodness for savings then :slight_smile:

Working on getting into the online work that is available. Thankfully I am qualified in a number of fields that are seeking WFH types. Have a number of irons in the fire - just have to bide my time at the moment.

Thank you for the response.

Cheers - Steve

Lots of people are complaining about his because obviously, things are by no way back to normal for many of us , so it may well change. If I hear anything I will post about it. Good luck!

Thank you Catharine. That would be very much appreciated. If I hear or read something as well I will post a link here.

Best wishes - Steve

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If you pay pension stuff to CIPAV , you may be eligible for a grant from them too…

Thanks for the info. We have not quite crossed that bridge yet. Another thing to look forward to on our journey forward and something else to look into :slight_smile:

Bon weekend.