Who can you trust? 🙄 France24 tv has taken position. "Vivre la France"?

I am unable to post the images of the smear campagne arriving in the uk letter boxes against JC :thinking::confused:.
Whatever… How shameful not to concentrate on the policies offered.
Why has France24 tv gone pro May & anti JC?

I don’t understand this thread.
Which particular UK letterboxes has a smear “campagne” been arriving in - do you mean the letterboxes of Brits in France?
How is this connected with France 24, have they been sending out the letters?
What has Vivre or even Vive la France got to do the UK election?

Hi Anna! Can I email you one of the images? This page is not allowing me upload from my iPad.

Hi Anna,
This was from a post on Facebook. I didn’t keep the tracts that were posted in letter boxes but they are around somewhere. Perhaps it’s normal. Perhaps it is normal also to have france24 running down Jerrmy Corbyn … It looks very much like the tories are trying to get the votes from those living in france.:roll_eyes:
Why do they not just talk about what policies THEY are proposing… I hate this way of running people down.
Best wishes

All that shows is the bias of the mainstream British press.

OK I see now. Was just wondering how these tracts got delivered. I certainly haven’t had any in my letterbox.
Unfortunately I think it is normal for the UK press to dumb everything down and put out whatever message their owner wants to shamelessly put out lots of opinion and very few facts. Is it any wonder so many people in the UK are so woefully ill-informed, and poorly equipped when it comes to voting. You’d think something might have changed after the Brexit fiasco when the press’s role in failing to help people understand the issues was criticised but I don’t see that it has. I expect there will be another bad (IMHO) made decision today, and in due course when promises are not met, the EU will be blamed for the mess.

The Tories have twice said that they will extend the vote to those who have been out of UK for more than fifteen years and they have done nothing at all. No vote in the Referendum, no vote in this general election.
So as far as I am concerned, no vote for the Tories and I do still have a vote!

Interesting Jane. You are not going to use your vote to vote Tory but on the other thread you state that you want them to win. If the right wing press are to be believed every Tory supporter’s vote is needed.

David, which other thread was that David? I voted Remain and in this election I have not voted for them for the first time.
Nanny State from Corbin and Nanny May from the Tories do not inspire me with confidence.

In the 'Will the Conservative party pay… post you answered that ho hope not. I read that as meaning that you hoped they’d be OK. Probably a misunderstanding on my part. :slight_smile:

I don’t imagine that regular readers of the Mail, the Sun or the Express will be much influenced by their hysterical headlines. After all, many of them are going to be Conservative voters. Many Sun readers are Labour voters who buy the Sun primarily for the sport pages. The very few that aren’t politically sophisticated enough to see through rabid propaganda aren’t likely to even notice the front page. It’s got as much impact as the signage over your local Tesco/Waitrose/Morrisons/Lidl.