Who could resist Sophie?

Who could resist Sophie?

This little female kitten was found several weeks ago amongst the broken glass at a bottle bank site! She is absolutely gorgeous, quite calm with normal crazy kitten moments, and very cuddly!!
Sophie is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped(250268730235461).Adoption fee 125€
Contact Chats du Quercy on 05 63 94 73 97

Sophie was adopted a few days ago, but we now have Pixie and Dixie, the most adorable tabby brothers, found terrified abandoned in a barn in small village. Barely old enough to eat on their own, they would certainly have perished, dying of starvation unless a kindly lady in her 80’s hadn’t taken them in and contacted us. They are stunning cats, with remarkable fur markings and are very, very cuddly!!

Pixie né 08.06.2013 male tigré numéro d'identification 250268730235431

Dixie né 08.06.2013 male tigré numéro d'identification 250268730235859

Both neutered, vaccinated and identified.