Who decides on a violation of building regs?

(Suzanne Parker) #1

Hi, need some urgent advice please. My neighbour is building a terrace that abuts right onto my garage roof, but is building the one wall of his terrace ON TOP of the one wall of my garage. And it is a wall that eventually i will be removing the top part of (exactly what he’s building on) to put my own terrace there. He reckons it’s fine because my garage wall is in line with where his property ends. Who is the right authority to go to (Aude/Limoux/Carcassonne), to ask for an inspection and decision on this? I need to move quickly… Thanks all.

(Trevor Hunton) #2

Your local mairie is first port of call, get the Mayor round to sort it out. Normally a neighbour cannot build off your wall without your permission.

(Harry Fawcett) #3

@Suzanne_Parker Mairie 100%

(Ruth Semple) #4

Hello, yes do go to the Mairie but if you have a copy of the deeds that may have a plan with your demise clearly marked on it, bring it along this may help expedite a response.

(Anna Watson) #5

Do you already have permission for your own planned building works? If so, showing them that should scupper your neighbour’s plans beyond all argument.