Who did you use for suppliers of beds, linen etc?

We are in the process of finishing off our "Little House" and I am in the process of investigating suppliers of beds and linen.

Who can you recommend?

John Lewis now send stuff overseas - postage about £7 - I got some very good crisp sheets from their website 'special purchase'. There's a lot of choice, anyway!

I will have to look at John Lewis, I have bought a lot of towels from TK Maxx when in UK. Fenn, Wright Manson,

wonderful quality and a really good price.

got ours from http://www.maisondelaliterie.com/ in Nimes

Pillow protectors not bad from Ikea.. though their choice of mattress protector not great.

After a few years of gite experience, I can recommend you buy mattress protectors that you completely cover the mattress with and then zip at the end... otherwise clients take them off and do all sorts with them.

Those curtain mattress surround thingys (no clue what they are called in FR or GB - couldn't find in France...

3suisses.fr and laredoute.fr are also good choices.

... Don't even start me on towels!!!

I have used M & S. They were wonderful and the delivery man came straight to our house and I didn't haveto go down into the village to find the van man!

I've just ordered a load of mattress and pillow protectors from M+S. Having looked around online, I think they offer the best quality / price. I've got some lovely John Lewis sheets I've had for years. They wash and iron very well and still look good. Not sure if they will send over here, though (I often get stuff sent to the outlaws, though the M+S GBP7 is very good value when there's not trip to blighty planned!)

Wendy - I've been thinking about those "zippy" beds, too, but haven't come across a supplier. Can you recommend anyone?


Consider that you will most likely be replacing sheets each year... and look for easy iron options.

When buying beds.. think about those doubles that unzip to make singles... handy for gites etc

I have tried the sheets from M & S called cool something or other. They are not bad, but don't have a really special feel.

I will have to look again at the M & S site.

Thanks for the info on Maison de la literie.

For sheets Marks and Spencer... GBP7 for postage. For bedspreads I've used Ikea... for beds... Maison de la Literie...