WHO do you think you are?

Having got so much wrong and also being funded and having a lot of “Experts” from vested companies a new super power has emerged taking away countries rights and peoples rights.
The DG of the WHO is assuming total power for descisions.
No thinking for yourself!
International Health Regulations - YouTube

Mmmm… Interesting.

Two things occur to me. Firstly, as we have now recently and so graphically seen, all humankind are connected health and pandemic wise. It makes sense to have one global health central planning and management committee to co ordinate and control global health matters.

The other aspect, and understandably the controversial one is that the autonomy of individual countries, and people, would be undermined in an emergency. With a WHO behemoth would we ever have had the lightning saviour of Astra Zeneca? Non-profit?

That last point is the most troubling. Could we trust WHO to put people before profit? I’m not sure every government can be entirely trusted either but seems a bit rough ti be asked to trust an external entity with our health.

One more thing… A centralised control of global health issues may have the power to select and edit not only medications but to whom they can be given. What worries me about large numbers is the possibility of decisions like sacrificing the few to benefit the many. Simply withholding meds to establish that concept of ‘herd immunity’.

Can we trust WHO?

No, we can’t trust the WHO as they appear to be the medical enforcement arm of the WEC.

Into the sea with them all!

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It is the removing of individuals rights and Countries that I abhor. Basic human rights to do what we feel best and not what some reps from big powerful companies want. Also with this will come the power to sensure others like alternative thinkers on YouTube who can be emminent Profs in their own fields.

Do you have a written version of this?

It is downloadable from the link in John’s video.

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I may take a look later in that case - I don’t do videos offering potentially contentious information at all now.

Shame, its short, to the point and contains the reference. Its data not opinion.

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As soon as someone mentions sheep, I’m done.

No, it’s not a shame. It’s far too easy to be persuasive and too much trouble to debunk video presentations, and it’s now a line I have no reason to cross. I’m not a videocentric individual, and if something is put out in that format alone on YT I automatically expect it to be lies.

WGIHR_Compilation-en.pdf (682.2 KB)

A bit harsh, not all content on youtube are lies but if the WHO get their way they will be able to influence the chanels to remove content not in WHO’s interests £££$$$

What mechanisms has the WHO to enforce this? My immediate thought is that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of China, for one, paying any attention to what WHO’s DG thinks if it doesn’t suit them.

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Just booting this back up for those that may want to see what is going on and this will not just be the UK but any country that agrees to the Orwellian draconian ideas the WHO wants, let alone a share of your money.


Wasn’t the lab in Wuhan, China that apparently let the coronavirus escape, a lab which undertook research on behalf of WHO?

PS Nice thread title

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Also under Dr Anthony Fauci. The secrecy surrounding Covid is palpable but I prefer to focus on the WHO trying to gain total control and 5% of each countries GDP to implement their powers, seeking to overule individules’ rights and countries to look after themselves whilst the WHO board are also big pharmaceutical funded.


So they want 3% more than most spend of defence?

Someone’s on the good drugs.

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Something positive from the WHO showing a link between covid vaccine and MS. Sadly the link to the WHO paper seems to have been taken down from the web and some sites countering the social media posts but John Campbell explains.
Its peoples choice whether to continue with a booster vaccine or not but I belive people should know the data.
Best I can do is put up John Campbell’s YT video.

I suspect very few would describe that as a positive piece of news, at least very few of those without an agenda.

It depends on your outlook of course but I feel the WHO giving out information so people can take their own decisions is what they should do rather than keeping information back.