Who gets the sack every time he goes to work? Father Christmas

I love Raymond Briggs, and you’ll find loads of jokes like that one in

Father Christmas It’s a Blooming Terrible Joke Book

http://www.amazon.fr/Raymond-Presents-Christmas-Blooming-Terrible/dp/0140373543/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=english-books&qid=1290970222&sr=8-1 so when you’ve pulled all the crackers you can still laugh your socks off. If you’ve never read Fungus the Bogeyman, another Raymond Briggs title, buy it for your kids or buy it for yourself, as in the best children’s books there’s something for the grown ups too.

I am another Raymond Briggs fan Wendy. Have you read When the Wind Blows? Have your tissues handy for that one!!