Who here has Experiences with found / lost hunting dogs in France?

I'm roaming with my Rotties every some 10 km through the "campange". We find a lot of hunting dogs, Beagles and Springer. When they are in fields we leave them. Most of them are badly trained and would not the right companionship anyway...

For the 3 days we drove through a village and saw every time a Springer Spaniel running on a street where drivers think they are formula one enthusiasts. So the third day we loaded the poor dog into the car after no one in the village knew to whom the dog belongs.Its not a good idea, I know, but my two are fully vaccinated and tolerant to a certain degree also with lively hunting dogs.

However, this morning at the vet, no punce or tattoo was found to find the owner. No trace nothing. Funnily It is such social dog, trusting humans, so no mistreatment but now I wonder what’s wrong with their owners? Is it conman / normal that they do not search and leave them running over streets only to get knocked down?

We left the dog with the vet because my male Rottie is a bit "macho" and when another dog does not stop bothering him after he is giving clear signals a serious incident could be happen and then who's guilty? The Rottweiler of course... So my question here is: are there any dog site in France for lost/found dogs to post a image and additional infos? I just can't leave a dog on the street when its clear he's getting run over by a car!

Jane, there are in each smaller town still a few butcher left. They have to pay 40€ for the disposal of the remains they aren't selling. E.g. here in Uzes he is giving all this for free and I give him in compensation M&S's lemon curt and other of these British and German specialities. Its a lot of cooking but with a bit of organisation it can be done on you BQ in the garden in a very large cooking pot. When it comes to penalties I'm not so strict because penalties don't even work with murders, but I think better then discriminating certain breads by listing them everybody who wants to have a pet (at least dogs, horse etc) should make kind of driving licence. Yes and this can be archived if the animal is chipped.

What a shame. Stupid, ignorant, irresponsible and cruel people. Thank goodness for kind people like you.

The day we got her we took her to the vet and she was chipped, vaccinated, scanned to see if she was pregnant and we got anti-tick and flea tablets, worming tablets and special shampoo to stop her from scratching her irritated skin. She then had a bath and you could not believe the colour of the water, it was tar brown!!

Not a murmur out of her, what a lovely disposition. and yet she does not understand how to play.

We will have to have her sterilised as she is used to living outdoors and already has had one lot of puppies from a local dog who is also responsible for at least one other litter that I know of.

She came from a peasant farm, who really should not have been allowed to keep livestock, as I know of two calves which died because they could not afford vets fees.

It's a general process with the SPAs over France.

The SPAs are run on shoestrings. They receive little, if any, funding, don't have enough staff and the conditions are therefore not great.

If they didn't charge an abandonment fee, they would get dumped on even more. It doesn't help those poor dogs who are abandoned because their owners are unwilling or unable to pay the fee. That's possibly why France has the highest rate of animal abandon in Europe.

Until the government wakes up and starts to care, it won't improve. Sterilisation policies need to be put in place, animal welfare laws need to be vastly improved, and penalties applied to people who abuse or abandon animals.

Phoenix does what it can, but we are so tiny and barely make a dent in it.

Depressing really.

We have just rescued a lovely border collie cross from the neighbouring farm and which was about to be shot.

We were given to understand that the SPA demand 100 euros up front to take a dog, which is refunded if the dog is rehomed.

I am wondering if this cash up front applies throughout France or only with our local SPA here near Cluny?

It seems to me to be a self defeating process because if you cannot afford to keep your dog how will you be able to pay the cost and the dogs will probably be abandoned.

Hi Julia,

Good to see you here. Yes, it is mandatory, but like much in France it is often observed in the absence.

Thanks for the line Catharine I shall keep that in the shop as people quite often ask. Interesting to note how many of them are not identified by microchip or tattoo, mostly the found ones though it has to be said. I thought this was mandatory in France crossbreeds as well as pedigrees.

Theo, you are being rude about the brave french hunters -:)

She is a real fit one. Here in France most hunter are having their dogs in this little cages on their pick-ups This is maybe the reason they like smaller dogs. What they do if they are crossing a bunch of 20+ wild boars is open to guess, probably they run away.

Thanks for posting the picture of Gwen for me. By the way the show Springer was an import from Finland two years ago. They like their Springers on the big side as do the dutch and the Germans.


Yes it is a good site and you've corrected the link!

Alan it is the second button (next to "link") you click there and a pop-up comes up, you upload the image, then the "ok" and you image (which I MUST post here because its so good!)

You're welcome. It's a very well used site. Someone posted on there having found a ridgeback type in our village and then someone else saw the ad and then contacted us as they knew we had a ridgeback and thought we might know breeders / owners (which we do). Sadly we couldn't trace the dogs owners but it surprised me how well used the site is.

Nice one Catherine. Marilyn and I did not know that this existed. We sometimes get people asking if we have found a stray dog, so now we can direct them to this site.

Many thanks

This is THE main site to post lost dogs on and to check on if you have lost yours.

Looks a bit big for a working Springer, certainly more like a Spaniel Francaise. Both breeds come in either marron and white or black and white, and can have asa little as only one small patch of marron or black in the color. I have tried to attach three pictures of a variety of our springers. A black and white working bitch, marron and white, and a marron and white show bitch. Springers of both lines must be less than 51cm at the shoulder in France. My show bitch is 52cm and can not be shown i n France, but has certificates towards international champion in both Spain and the Netherlands. Note the size of the marron working Springer (Lizzie) against the size of the two Labs. I will PM you my telephone number. How do you get the pictures to come up instead of the files?

Alan, was surging you phone number this morning like poisoned... knowing you would know... thank you for responding here.

This is really the thing: "If there is no identification then there probably is no vaccination or Health Carnet."!! The risk is really high when you take such dog into when you know yours are healthy.

The race, I don't know too much, know only the Fox Terrier as hunting dogs. This guy have had the look of a English Springer, but was white/maroon and surly can be also a Spaniel Francaise. Its their temperament which is totally in contrast to my two and as you know, Rottweiler do not beat too long around...

Here one of my neighbours has a same Spaniel, being day & night on a chain, barking all night. Its a bit disturbing.

He is looking like this one, little bit less brown

This was really a very sociable little fellow. They are though, imagine, all these spiky little oaks, everything is spiky here and these little ones are not giving up to go through. I don't think he was mistreated, he was far too nice and not shy. And so young. Many it was one of the x-mas dogs and then his liveliness was too much for the people. But he was fed well, relative clean, just every detail for recognition was missing.

Hi Theo

Yes, the responsibility for an errant dog is the Marie. However, the responsibility for micro-chip/tattoo rests with the breeder. This should be done at eight weeks when the first vaccination is given. The vet should then issue a temporary ID paper for each dog in the litter,and record the details with ICAD formally SIEV.

If there is no identification then there probably is no vaccination or Health Carnet.

I know you well enough to trust your judgement of breeds, but could the dogs you see be Spaniel Francaise? Look like Springers at first glance, but our good old English, Field and Welsh Springers are still a relative few and far between in France, and the dog of choice by serious field trialers. More likely they are non LOF crosses.