Who knows what I mean?

I suddenly have naked ladies in my garden. Anybody know them?

Think mine are the commonest of the common, any garden centre and flower around Christmas. The autumn crocus, which is a lily really, is a special litte thing. It comes up so fast, often in clusters and is always a surprise. I have about 60 blooms at present, all yellow.

Not a rose man myself. Got some pink ones and red ones that were here.

The cuisse de nymphe emue is a floribunda with pink-tinged white flowers. A delicate blush, you might say.

Haha, had a closer look and those desert type ones are nothing like the ones we/I have. Red and luscious about Christmas - in pots like you.

Got it, lovely yellow autumn crocuses all around. Lovely sight but a reminder real autumn is close at hand.

Warmish. I had a look at Wikiwotsit and considering I am in SW France, not SW USA it is still not right. So google didn't get it. Another clue perhaps - saffron.

Cold, Terry was far closer. Sounds more nasty frost bitten ladies as well.

If it was winter I’d suggest Blue Tits?

Warmish - yours is what les Anglais call a hot pink rose I think?

No, but I have a cuisse de nymphe émue.