Who remembers Lonnie Donegan?

(stella wood) #1

His son Peter looks so much like him…


(stella wood) #2

(Mandy Davies) #3

:notes:Oh, my old man’s a dustman
He wears a dustman’s hat
He wears cor-blimey trousers
And he lives in a council flat :notes:

That’s the one I remember… sung live of course.


(Ann Coe) #4

Me too Mandy, my dad was always singing it ! :smiley:


(Peter Goble) #5

My first and last live “gig” was to hear Lonnie Donnegan at a London theatre in 1957/8 but I can’t remember which one. My favourite rendition was The Rock Island Line with real washboard frenzy.


(Jane Williamson) #6

Cumberland Gap, Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight and another one about the American Civil War.

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This was a joy to watch last night, Tom still has it and Peter Donegan, wow, what a voice.

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(Ann Coe) #8

I have a tune going through my head … 'don’t jump off the roof dad, you’ll make a hole in the yard, mother has planted petunias, she’ll take it awful hard. blah blah blah …If you must end it all dad, just take a walk in the park, there you can jump in the lake dad da da da da da da …
Does anyone else remember this, and the words ? :wink:


(stella wood) #9

(Ann Coe) #10

Thanks Stella, Just like that ! :wink:


(stella wood) #11

Can’t get it out of my head now… :rofl:


(Dave Sheriton) #12

I thought it was a really good episode of which this was the highlight both for what it meant to Peter but also, if not more, for his Mum.

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(Peter Bird) #13

This is one of the many times he appeared in Gt Yarmouth in the summer shows

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(stella wood) #14

Were you let loose at Gt Yarmouth then Peter… ???


(Peter Bird) #15

We used to go to all the shows, my mum had a boarding house and was entitled to complementary tickets. I’ve loads of old programmes.

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(stella wood) #16


I used to work in Lowestoft … and used to visit Yarmouth with my pals…

Fabulous beach… glorious on sunny days… and fabulous for evening beach parties… often with a blazing fire from driftwood… oh, those were the days…:hugs:

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(Peter Bird) #17

When was this Stella ? I went to college in Lowestoft,I used to drink in The Crown and others. my late missus was a teacher there too.
Yeah, the beaches were really good in GY, I get the impression the sand dunes have claimed a lot of the beach, especially at the north end plus the hotels and B & B s have become refuges or DHSS and immigrants.


(stella wood) #18

Late 60’s… I worked at Barclays Lowestoft Central, then Kirkley, before being moved to Frinton on Sea in '69

I’m probably nearly the oldest on the forum… but age is only a number :wink:


(Peter Bird) #19

It is indeed !

I was there for a ouple of years and left in '75.

By coincidence my sis in law worked n Barclays GY from abou 1964 ish. My missus taught a Kirkley High having previously lived in Frinton in a flat over Barclays bank would you believe ? She was teaching in Brightlingsea at the time !

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(stella wood) #20

Small world Peter… :hugs:

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