Who remembers the Monkees?

I hope you will be singing along with the boys…

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Highlight of the weekend, watching the monkees show


My first ever boy band.
I’m a believer.

Before my time… :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Loved the Monkees.

:notes: Hey Hey :notes:

I’m a bereaver!
Too soon? :blush:


very good :rofl:

Yeah right Simon.

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Banana Splits boy David :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How about the Double Deckers ??


Yes me too - as a young teenager I was madly in love with David Jones. Interestingly enough my daughter who is in her 30’s is also a fan of their music (without influence from me)

Who is David Jones? Is he another of the Monkees? They passed me by.

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He’s the English one - lead singer. They were a happy version of the Beatles.

They were brought together, specifically for the Monkees Series… and were a smash hit…

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My better half’s school friend dated Davy Jones.

Does she use that as her claim to fame? :grinning:

Mine is I knew David Bowie just before he became famous :shushing_face:

No she has plenty of other famous friends

I’m a bereaver.

In the Observer comments today (I’m no plagiarist :wink:)