Who Will Insure a British Car?

We are in the process of buying a car in the UK and I hope to pick it up next week but I’m having trouble finding a company to insure us. We will be moving back to the UK in August and don’t yet have a British address to use and as we are still resident in France UK companies won’t insure us yet.
Does anyone one know of a French company who will insure a British car from June to August ?

I would be Very Wary, of insuring with a French company, if you have no intention of starting the process of importing the car to France, within a month of it arriving here :thinking:

Was just looking elsewhere Alison and was reading a posters remarks.
When insuring with a French insurer, they had to send proof, monthly, that they were pursuing the registration process here to get their windscreen ‘sticker’ for another month.
When the process was completed, they got an annual one (sticker).

Thank you Bill. We really are stuck in the middle here as getting a UK insurance company we need a UK address. I may end up having to use my parents address and changing it once we get our own.

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That would be my favourite option Alison, good luck, and best wishes for the ‘move’ :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

There will surely be other situations which will require/ask for a UK address, before you actually have one in place… using the parents seems a reasonable option, especially if you will be actually staying with them while you find somewhere to live… :relaxed:

You might find it easier to register the car to that address as well then change the address when you move back.

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Try Aviva, they have offices here in france


Hi @Alison_Plummer, it is possible to get the car insured under British plates for a couple months in France but I wouldn’t advise you to do so as basically the premium would be more than a full year insurance (they are basically charging you more than a full year worth of insurance to break even for the ‘service’). As many others pointed out if you’d like to be insured temporarily with a regular policy that’s possible but the insurance company (French) will become pretty picky pretty quickly as legally you’re supposed to be able to present a French carte grise within 30 days after starting the insurance so it’s kind of a catch 22 situation I guess? Bottom line being that if you can get a UK address it’s probably best to get a British insurance first and then amend it once you have your own address… otherwise it’s possible to be insured in France (I can take care of it) but be prepared for a lot of paperwork and a dreadful premium! Cheers,