Who would have believed it?

Riding a motor-bike without gloves is an offence.

Absolutely - one needs the proper gear with motor bikes.

Of course, the chap was not wearing the correct gear 'cos it wasn’t even his bike. He had no permit to drive the bike, no insurance either and the motorbike was falsely registered.

Phew - just as well the Traffic Police are so eagle eyed. :hugs:

and right too!!
I won’t cycle without gloves - a friend had a cycling tumble, happened to scuff his hand up badly collecting some dog-sh1te on the way and ended up with an infection that nearly lost him a finger!!

Riding a motorcycle without gloves with the correct CE label is an offence. The law was put in place a few years ago because paramedics were complaining that they were spending too much time dealing with unnecessary hand injuries, usually connected to scooter/moped riders, but the law covers all powered two wheelers but if you are wearing reasonable looking gloves you will need to have really wound up the Gendarme to get him to check the label.

So the 5 year old neighbour on his mini-motorbike in shorts and a T shirt, with no helmet riding on public road is not advisable? :woman_shrugging:t3::wink: