Who would have thought tattooing could be so popular

(Mark Rimmer) #15

I posted a thread about my views on tattoos - I don’t find them attractive & would not have one. My dislike of tattoos was interpreted by a few that I therefore dislike people with tattoos! I don’t like Citroen 2CVs either but I have friends who do.
Some can indeed be works of skill rather than art, much like an air brushed picture on a car or truck but if that car was sold on or the owner got bored with it, it can be removed.

(Véronique Langlands) #16

Works of skill rather than works of art sums it up beautifully and tactfully :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #17

I’m happy that my young friend is able to make a good living to support her and her family.

She is fully-booked for months in advance… almost like the Ophtalmologues here :grin:

(We saw our Ophtalmo again yesterday and now he says every 2 years will suffice…) :hugs:

(stella wood) #18

Not that I would choose this chap to adorn my body… but the client was very pleased… :relaxed:

(Bill Morgan) #19

Saw a heavily tattooed, heavy, elderly lady on a boat in the Balearics, years ago, 'Orrific :roll_eyes:

(anon54681821) #20

i have no preference but have seen some awful tattoos on men and women and have seen some great ones too.

(anon54681821) #21


check out some of these “Amazing” tattoos

(anon54681821) #22

(stella wood) #23

Yes, Harry… when you see some of the ghastly stuff that gets done…it makes the really good work stand out even more… :grin:

(Bill Morgan) #24

Sorry Stella, I think they are all 'orrible, but as long as it’s freely inflicted on others, not me thats fine :slightly_smiling_face:

(stella wood) #25

No need to apologize … I would never have one myself…but some are obviously better workmanship than others… and, as I have said, there is a real demand and it pays well… which means this young tattooist is able to support herself and her family, so I salute her and wish her well.

(Barbara Deane) #26

Ugly…so very ugly.

(Sandy Hewlett) #27

There’s some astoundingly beautiful tattoos out there, just google ‘Watercolour Tattoos’. However, as someone with a rose on my shoulder (rebellious teenager) I can say that the colour dulls with time and as the skin stretches as the body changes. So some of these detailed fine line drawings will blur into a grey-green over time. But to each his own. I have no problem with tattoos or body mods of any kind, but object when they stop the wearer being able to be a productive member of society and paying his or her way. and subsequently falling on the taxpayer to subside their lifestyle because they can’t get a job due to their visible tattoos.

(stella wood) #28

I have several pieces of her artwork on my walls… and that is where I prefer them. :relaxed: but she has to make a living… so…

(Bill Morgan) #29

Very good!
Reminds me of ‘Clio’, a wee Italian Greyhound I had years ago

(stella wood) #30

The finished portrait was even better than it shows here… you could swear the dog was breathing … :wink:

(Barbara Deane) #31

There is some amazing art out there but I do not like to see it on peoples skin.

(stella wood) #32

My friend did a “tattoo” (fake) on a young boy who has a terminal illness… he spent ages choosing which one he wanted… a lion and a tiger in beautiful colours… and she was delighted to see the pleasure her work gave him

“Although Jack will not reach the age to get a tattoo, it was on his bucket list… So today he gave me the honour of drawing one on using Sharpies and face paint. He’s an incredibly brave boy who raises money for @thetmdteam to help them help other children.”


(Helen Wright) #33

She is extremely talented Stella…I love tattoos and have many but there are many “scratchers” out there who give the profession a bad name…Her work really is beautiful and she sounds a beautiful soul too…:heart:

(stella wood) #34

Hi Helen… yes she is a lovely person… had some serious knocks in her young life, but has come shining through…:relaxed: