Who would like to take part in our new Q&A section?

We’re planning a new section for SFN which should be really interesting and a fun way for us all to find out a bit more about each other.

It will be an interview in the form of 20 questions.

If you’d like to be involved I will email you a selection of questions in a word document (more than 20 so you have a choice). You can answer any or all of them. Your answers can be as long or as short as you like and the questions will range from the light hearted to the more serious. Some will relate to life in France and some won’t - so a complete mixed bag. Entirely up to you how you reply and which ones you answer!

You can let me know here if you’d like to take part or send me a message.


Everyone that has replied here to date should have had the q’s. Let me know if I have missed anyone?

In future PLEASE send me a PM - otherwise I will lose track. Thanks!

Ok sounds like a fun thing, count me in .

Why not?

Sounds like fun, i’m up for it :slight_smile:

Course not - will send them to you both x

Am I too late?

Why not

I’d love to do something lighthearted as well, the summer has been extremely hectic but very sucessful!

I’m game. Should be fun.

Excellent - will get the q’s over to you later! x

count me in x

OK count me in