Who'd have thought it - hedge funds make good on Brexit

Apparently a few hedge funds “in the know”, helped by that nice man Mr Farage made a killing on the drop in sterling in June2016.

It’s a stretch to suggest, on what is reported here, that Brexit was engineered for this reason - rather than someone with access to a bit of insider information spotting a likely move in the market and taking advantage but it shows who the real winners from Brexit are likely to be and it isn’t “Will, of the people”


also Mz Maybe OH is in hedge funds - in other words Mz Maybe herself…

Crispin Odey was a big funder of Leave, to the tune of £900,000 but made some £220 million shorting the £ on the night of the vote.

He’s at it again - making bets that British industry will do badly post Brexit

These people don’t give a flying **** for Britain, just that they can find something to disrupt tso that they might profit from it.

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These odious slime really make me heave…

And if EVER I get in a room with that scrotum flea Farage…I wont be responsible for my actions…


When will anyone in authority step in to control this arrogant oaf?


I know how Carl feels about Farage

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The vast majority of rich brexiteers are cynical carpetbaggers, wreckers, profiteers; the less well-off brexiteers are mainly sadly misguided.