Whoop Whoop Le Bon Coin has a new front end!

For a very long time I've said how useful le bon coin is but I disliked the site hugely. Now today whoop whoop I see they've launched a new user front end. Now to see if the quality of the ads and searches have improved and if they've done anything about the number of scammers. Le Bon Coin is a firm favourite of our French friends for buying/selling anything and in our local village i can find kids clothes, goats, car parts, houses, furniture, roof tiles, soil, plants you name it - its on there. What do you think of the new format?

Whenever I click to see the seller's number nothing happens

I've bought & sold on there, & whilst it's not my fave site for either, at least they haven't (yet) told me that my browser needs updating

In other news, I have to say as an aside, Angloinfo having recently revamped their site, I now find totally unusable

Thanks, Mark.

I have just had to renew it (something about it already being displayed, although I was sure that I had cancelled the previous one!), so it may take a few hours. I have placed it under Dordogne (where I live).

Kind regards.

It still does not work. When you choose a region and then a category on Chrome it crashes. The French are in the dark ages on the web!

What is it under?

I live outside of your area so I can look for it here.

Thanks, Mark. It's already on - but I thought that it was just being advertised in one area. I'll now only have to check if I placed it in the Gironde - where the 'van is sited; or in the Dordogne - where I reside!

Kind regards.

Brian, if you advertise on LBC it is national. the region search is controlled by the viewer who can choose how wide the search is - own dept, surrounding depts or whole of France. When you put in your post code it tells the buyer where you are. Write your advert & post! It will be seen throughout France.

I couldn't agree more. I'm 10 km away from a different region, and have 4 different departments I can reach in under 40 minutes.

I was hoping for something like the UK's autotrader site, where each search result comes up with a distance from where you are. It's brilliant. I end to keep a tab open with google maps whenever I'm on LBC

With a residential static for sale, sited in a quiet family-run site in the Gironde, I would like to be able to advertise throughout all of France. Are any of the LBC experts able to advise me on the best way in which to go about this, please? When I look at LBC, I am left with the impression that I can only advertise in the Department I have chosen. I could, of course, go through them, one by one but ... ... !!!

Thank you.

I wish that LBC would come up with an area which could be specified around your own postcode/village that would list the items for sale, My place is on the edge of a Dept and within a stone's throw of two others, so to search is often wasting time unless you know the postcodes within say a 50 km circle, which is as far as I want to look.

I haven't a clue what their supposed team of programmers do all day.

If you have a look at the code for the site it would appear they don't have any programmers :/

Anything.. just anything is better than that gawd-awful AI Classified Ads site.

It's been down for a week whilst they make improvements *rolls eyes* which "they 'think' people will like" Ughhh.

Last time they did that, I got binned by them for daring to suggest that it might have been better to keep the old arrangement up and running until they tested the site properly in a 'backroom' environment before unleashing it on a thoroughly pee'd off membership. I don't see this time as being any different, TBH.

Totally unprofessional. It's a wonder any right minded company advertises on it.

Well they have fixed my number 1 gripe, which is when going back from looking at a particular listing, the focus is now no longer in the search box, so pressing down arrow does what it should, ie taking you further down the list of hits. I cannot really see any other difference apart from some cosmetics. I haven't a clue what their supposed team of programmers do all day.

Sorry Andrew, When I said awful i was talking about the coding and stability of the site. It is, and always has been a fab site to visit and use.

Haven't yet looked at the new one (no need at the moment) but the old one was fantastic, I've bought and sold houses, cars, boats, bikes, and loads of other stuff using it since it came into existence :-)

Just looked and yes, the drop down menu is much better as are the adverts, more modern and clear/clean :-D

I just hope they do a better job with this version of LBC. The last one was beyond awful.

Brilliant way of advertising for staff though. ;-)