Who's been hit with parcels?

My sister sent 2 little gifts for the boys, worth about 20 quid. She then paid 13 quid for tracked delivery as she was worried it wouldn’t make it. I then had to pay €13 for the privilege of receiving it. Even my post lady said it was ridiculous and like an ‘amande’. We have fairly regular parcels come in from China and have never been hit! Last week there was one that was worth the same from there.

The other parcel we have recieved was another present from Amazon UK, no charge - another example of nepotism with the ‘big boys’??? I never order from them so don’t know. Have others had uk Amazon parcels hit?

We’ve made the decision to each buy the kids a present for birthdays and Christmas on behalf of each other to do away with the post and now tax costs.

Did your sister attach a customs form clearly marked gift and low value? That seems to work for us so far…

All the presents I’ve sent to UK this Christmas have been less than 3cm thick so sent by letter post….

(We don’t buy from amazon, let alone amazon UK, so no idea…)

I have had two parcels from UK, both with Customs declarations, on of chocolates and the other tea, no bother.

Amazon has depots in France and the UK and other places. So sometimes they might have what’s been ordered in the UK to be sent to a French address in, say, their Orléans depot. So no charges.

I am sure I saw an old post on here where someone spotted the Orleans postmark and demanded the international shipping that had been charged to be refunded!

Yes it does feel like an amende, yet another Brexit amende. We’ve ended up on worse terms than even Switzerland and Norway. It was surely negotiable, I’m still wondering just what did UK negotiators for Brexit spend their time on for 4 years.

Karen, this applies worldwide, except within the EU. It is not just another hit after Brexit, surprisingly.


Were they sent by a firm, though Jane? Some firms have registered for something in the EU so this does not happen.

One was sent by a firm, the other by a friend.

I have just been hit by an eleven euro import charge on an item bought off an Amazon France Web page because the UK vendor failed to note that he was not in the IOSS scheme that makes the seller responsible for import charges and avoids customs entry fees.

Because there is a price on an French Amazon page in euros does not mean that that is what you pay. Amazon are not interested. So my advice is not to buy things from the UK unless you know that the seller is IOSS registered.


Good advice but mine was 2 small gifts :roll_eyes: