Who's got some snow photos then? Post them here!

Are you snowed in? Built a great snowman? Can't get out the front door?

Let's see who's got the worst snow conditions, post your photos here!

and the courtyard dining table's not getting a whole lot of use... in the Tarn, 81![](upload://aBa9W5ggC9gAi0RNrHIY498gFeI.jpg)

not strictly a snow pic - but minus 13.5 at 8.37 in the morning was a little chilly![](upload://lNdHTY5szSXe90t9AH50wh3sGzz.jpg)

Brilliant snowman, Glen!

Sorry, probably not at all what you had in mind but it made me laugh (I'm wicked)

The lake at Château Courtanvaux (72) Sunday afternoon

How can I post a photo on a Mac? (the Photo Album app is only for Windows)

Wow! Great pics - feeling deeply jealous - keep them coming please!

Can't get the car off the drive here in the Dordogne, but the horses don't have a problem.....

Nr Saissac (11)

Near La Caillere St Hillaire (85)