Who's right and why?

As the financial year draws to a close, the french 'businessman' after realising he will not achieve his required turnover will calculate how much he needs to increase his price on his remaining orders to achieve the required turnover.

In the same situation, the anglo saxon business man takes a different approach. Upon realising the short fall, the businesman comes to the conclusion that he should reduce his prices to increase his order numbers and in turn reach his required turnover.

Who do you thinks is right and why? (This is not a joke only a discussion)

Wow - good article - it reflects exactly what happened when i got my glasses.! They asked just how much the Mutuelle would pay etc etc....

I would start doing your research now Tony, generally if you are a married couple you are completely tied together financially unless you have made a marriage contract. EG for my car loan and overdraft my husband had to sign the papers too - happy bunny - not!

The personal allowance doesn't exist as in the UK, it depends how many are in your family, then works from there. As Nick said, 'expert comptables' are not all like UK accountants and for knowledge of creative accounting I think you need a fiscaliste but that is business stuff not personal as far as I am aware and more expensive than an accountant.

Would totally agree Nick, accountants are not usually the best placed to advise you. The majority do the books and collect the taxes, am just about to change mine. Would have done it last year but guess what, you have to do it 3 months before your year end, not possible any other time!!!!!

Underselling is a mug's game in the service sector, unless you know you can do it for longe enough to make a profit and keep your overheads down - eventually, someone will come up with a cheaper way of doing the same thing for less, and what will you have gained from it - a loss making business ! There are already parts of my business activity which are not particularly profitable for the risk/overheads involved, and if I can divest myself of those, I'll probably be better off in the long run - for the moment though, I have to juggle that part of the business with the rest. There is a fine line to be drawn between knowing when to get out of a particular activity, and knowing when/how to eke the most out of it until such time as you can.

No doubt, but whether in UK or France online is way cheaper

the fact that there are a whole host of different statut juridique is just part of normal french life - just like there being a whole host of different health care "caisse" - most of you deal with the CPAM, most auto entrepreneurs the RSI, then there's the CIPAV, the MSA and all the régimes spéciaux... and all these different organisations do the same for pensions too...!!! :-O

Watch this :


This explains why your frames are the price they are sold at.

It is virtually a monopoly.

Nick - that's why you need to shop around for an accountant and get recommendations - mine's a star and we've cooked up a few legal ways of saving pretty large sums of money. She also did the calculations for me as to which statut juridique (out of the possible ones) would be best tax wise.

Tony - charges sociales (which usually amount to far more money than tax) are paid upfront in all regimes, even if you don't make a bean (apart from the autoentrepreneur regime) - that's France! your wife's personal allowance will be worked out by the tax office when she submits her tax form ;-)

Like Tracy, I was an auto entrepreneur but now I trade under an SNC, have to have a yearly agm and results which are recorded by the greffe, the company has a 20 page statut and you can soon find out who I am on the internet too (SNC Le Jean Guillaume) so I can't hide anymore! I pay TVA at two different rates, and we're taxed on revenue and on the société.

Tracy, I’ll bow to your better knowledge on this, but in general French accountants act as a second tier of revenue generation for the state and not necessarily acting as maximizing revenue for the company. Ie they will not necessarily look for the best declaration for you.

Yet all the artisans that ask for these terms in France get slated for being money grabbers and no one should pay any money up front!!!!

The regime is decided by what you do, how much turnover you will have and your personal circumstances ie married, family, property interests etc. I was formerly AE but now Entreprise Independant, regime reel simplifie, TVA registered as mini reel and pay income tax on the declaration des revenues - but don't earn enough to actually pay any - lol if it wasn't so sad!

can't recall that Shirley

You do, Tony, but each regime has certain criteria, certain professions/jobs impose certain statut juridique - my case trading within the government's tobacco monopoly - I can't trade as a sarl which I would have prefered...! ;-)

yes you do, Shirley, apart from if you trade under the auto entrepreneur regime. No turn over is the whole thing, then you start taking out what you've spent...

No, not at all, Shirley, I'm no longer and auto entrepreneur as that regime just wouldn't work and I would never "fit in" to the capped turnover and the douanes (who control the governments tobacco sales monopoly, would never allow you to trade under that regime, there are only two out of the countless you can tradu under. I know you haven't been in business here but if you think personal admin etc is complicated compared to the uk, professional (apart from the relatively simple auto entrepreneur regime) is 100 time more complicated (I've been in business, been self employed and been salaried in both countries) !!! ;-D

Regarding your mention of Opticians Paul - This is what was on the news this morning.


"Leaflet Dropping"! I always found that taking my VIP clients cruising in the Med. on my yacht did it.

Only joking:-) I did take 'em fishing on my boat with lots of beer & good food after the trip. Fortunately most of my clients & their architects became long time personal friends so it worked well :-)

Yes but you wouldn't trade under the ae regime which has a limited turnover and isn't suitable for that trade (may not be on the list at all for that matter!).

Looks like we can't mention the female of the canine species. How do you folk in the doggy section manage? :-)