Who's the funniest?

I sits here sometimes and watches the new SFN Posts as they appear.. when you have nothing to do, it passes the time. We've had 'em all of late Ticks, Micks,'n Squits... you develop a sixth sense, I do try to read them all... but shudder occasionally knowing full well that.... I dunno the new 'Potty' story is just going to run and run...if you know what I mean.

There is some heavy duty stuff, and a lot of informative stuff, all mixed up with a fair amount of drivel! Qui Moi? But my raison d'etre is levity.. a jolly jape... being puny... I do like to pepper in the odd quip... for my own amusement. Humour is such a good tonic...not always appreciated by everyone ( you know who you are! ) not always understood, often misplaced ( dropped a real Clangerooni the other day! ) but my lovely wife Michelle often asks why I am on the floor in a puddle of P*ss! " Been talking to Brian Again, dear? " she asked as she wields the mop... some of the one-liners I find paroxysmal... i'm chuckling now...!

I do have a personal favourite... how about you? Are the laughter loonies getting in the way of your Tick Tok? Had a humour bypass? anything or anyone on simply tickle you to death?

Hows about a straw poll for the 'Funniest Japester on SFN' ? I'll do a graphic for the Winner ....a Crown for the King of Comedy... why not trawl through the tirade of Titters, and let us know what silly quips have brought a tear to the eye. Who do YOU think is the funniest on SFN?

here's one I have just swiped..." It basically electrocuted the s*** out of her for 24 hours "

Mop Please!