Why do people mistreat horses?

I’m watching this with interest, as I do see what appear to be animals in distress from time to time.

Shocking (again!) Stella but I do wish people would at least throw some food (hay) into the field when they see patently starving horses - and then report it, at least to their local SPA and Mairie (if they’re ‘effective’ !?!). Some links for you:

Brigitte Bardot Foundation

SPA National Website

30 Millions d’Amis

And, in answer to your original question about why people mistreat horses - it’s because they are human scum, mentally deficient and devoid of emotion or feelings.


On reading the Comments at the bottom of the article… someone mentions how difficult it is to get the authorities to act, even when they are notified. I intend to follow this case as closely as I can, in order to work out a route to follow which will see swift action in future…

And yes, I agree, there is always someone who can give hay/grass or whatever… no excuses for sad situations like this…

The owners were on an adjoining property… not halfway across France… makes me so mad.

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Totally agree Simon. Sadly it’s not just horses but a large section of animals that are targets for these despicable types of people.
The punishments ( if any in some instances) are just not strong enough. Really makes my blood boil :rage:


why do humans mistreat anything? Answer is simple there are some ass holes out there and there is nothing society does about them.

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I had to telephone our neighbour, who is now longer farming, to say thst a cow was calving in the snow.
Of course, the calf died.