Why France?

Hi! I've been a little quiet here because I am pretty much painting all the time right now. I have also managed to do a little yard work, too. I have a question, though. Why did you choose to move to France? Was it due to a job transfer? The offer of a job? Monetary considerations? The beauty of the landscape? The opportunity to mingle with different people from a different culture? The desire to escape your old life? Please share... I will post my reasons in a day or two. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend...

Hi Fiona

Thank you for your response. It seems things have gotten quiet here. I guess I am not being controversial enough. lol

Since you explained your reasons for your move, I will explain why I will be relocating to France. I will be arriving by myself, as a pensioner who is still active as an artist. I have always wanted to live in a country with a longer history than that of the USA. I love medieval history which is certainly something that a 239 year old country, such as mine, has not experienced. I also want to live in a country where the pace is slower. I plan on traveling throughout Europe, drawing and painting. I do not wish to make multiple overseas flights averaging 16 hours in travel time and costing approximately 1,500 euros for each round trip.

When I discovered I could afford to live in France, at least the south of France, I knew that was where I wanted to spend the rest of my life. The first art movement that I learned about, Impressionism, is my favorite. I want to explore and paint the places that inspired those artists. I want to visit the Louvre and other French art museums on a regular basis. The chateaus of France will be a source of never-ending pleasure for me. I look forward to public transportation! I know that seems odd but there is limited public transportation in most parts of the US. I want to be able to stare out the window of a bus or train, planning paintings, rather than worrying about other drivers and making certain I am driving well. lol If I need a car occasionally, I am perfectly happy with the prospect of renting one.

Several artists in this group and The Art & Design Department seem disappointed with the "art scene" in Europe. They lament the lack of galleries and support by the locals. I am currently developing a client base through online marketing methods. In that way, I don't have to pay commissions to a gallery nor do I have to worry that moving to another country will adversely affect my art business. The reality is that more art is being sold online than by traditional methods. That doesn't mean that you add your paintings to an art marketing site where there are hundreds or thousands of other artists displaying their work and expect a flood of sales. Even traditional galleries aren't interested in selling your work only. They have a stable of artists and want to generally make sales. It doesn't matter which artist earns the gallery their 40% or more commission. You have to actively develop a base through various social media sites, blogging, and finding people who are deeply interested in your art. I have already sold a painting...that was only in progress...on Facebook. There is growing interest in my work and I haven't really gotten as involved in this form of marketing as I will be. I see nothing but good coming out of my change in marketing techniques.

Anyway, thank you once more for sharing your reasons here.


I came across your question this morning. I have been thinking about this for the last twelve years since I came here and still find it difficult to answer. I know that a relationship led me here literally. An insightful person thought I was running away from family problems. Running away from something certainly but so was the idea that I was running towards something better like the freedom to paint more and be with someone like minded, my last chance to make some kind of major change since I was forty, without children and struggling between the idea to become a successful painter - which is what I don't know, or to continue with a regular job. I struggled and still do with bipolar but my decision wasn't impulsive. At the time I was, its true functioning in a whirlwind of emotion and activity but it took a lot of planning. Out of the chaos of the last twelve years as it has been another crazy period in life has come a great deal of creativity, writing and painting. A more settled relationship and the hope still of being able to continue and develop as a painter. My new partner says there aren't any answers and certainly I cant find just the one answer. The clues are in my past I suppose. I am a lot happier here and love being in france and am learning to live with the doubts I have about any decision I make or have made. My next challenge is in continuing to learn French.