Why I love the iPhone

Well, there are probably as many out there who hate the ubiquitous iPhone! I am firmly in the "love" camp, with good reason. We are here in France 14 months now and whilst I have not succumbed to home-sickness, I do miss my kids and my grandchildren. Skype helps of course, and recently, eldest has installed it on her iPhone. Gone are the scheduled "let's Skype" days with "say hello to Nanna" - now, I am more likely to get a text via "WhatsApp" begging me to Skype, urgently. This means that Andrew (20 months old) is probably throwing a tantrum, won't eat his food, being generally difficult and I am to be used as a distraction.

For some reason, the sight and sound of Nanna on the iPhone seems to work, and out come the smiles. I dutifully play peek-a-boo, make all the silly noises, and generally goof about in order to win the prize - a smile from my gorgeous grandson. This has worked so well that Andrew has now started to grab the iPhone from Lisa and shout "Nanna, Nanna". The conversations between us are somewhat limited, usually consisting of "lo Nanna" and "hello Andrew", repeated ad nauseum, but I wouldn't miss out on this for anything (well maybe a box of decent tea!).

I think I can download it if I buy credit but it's also very tied in to Verizon Wireless. I don't want to pay out for credit and then find it's not compatible due to my not being on the Verizon network! Never mind, I can Skype Mam and my sister from home anyway.

Don't know, Val. Never had a Blackberry. I'd be surprised if you couldn't. Also check out whether your Blackberry supports UMA - meaning you could possibly make calls using your broadband.

I love that post - really made me smile. Wonder if I can get Skype on the Blackberry...