Why I'm here .

I came to France with two specific goals to accomplish while I'm here : to complete a book that I seem to have been writing forever and to learn French. You can read about my writing, including a sample chapter of the work in progress, at janicemacdonald.com. I'll keep you updated on the progress of my French!

The others things I'd like to do while I'm here tend to revolve around eating, drinking traveling as often as I can afford and, of course, observing. I have thought of sub-titling this blog, and still might, "Alone But Not Lonely In France." In the short time since I arrived, I'm discovering that an advantage of being in a completely foreign environment and of not understanding much of the language, seems to be that even the most mundane --shopping in a market, doing the laundry--somehow interesting. In that sense, I find that while I might spend some solitary days, I honestly haven't felt lonely. I hope to capture as many of these moments as I can, I hope they prove entertaining or at least mildly interesting.

I'm also blogging at travelingnovelist.wordpress.com. At this point, the blog entries are distillations/adaptions of posts, e-mails, jotted down impressions, etc. They're mostly, but not always, chronological. At some point, I hope to impose some order on it all. Since all the photos on the site are taken with my elderly iPhone, the quality is, to put it kindly, not so good. Still I hope they at least convey some sense of the place.

A tout a l'heure!

Janice, those are great reasons for being in France, keep up the good work and keep us informed on your progress, the weather being so enjoyable at this time, you may spend more time outside, but I think you can still write when outdoor.