Why is hardware for 3 phase electric so expensive?

Why is hardware for 3 phase electric like plugs and sockets so amazingly expensive?

I needed a socket in a box for wall mounting and 2 plugs. In both a big farm shop and the local DIY store the wanted up to €45 for the socket and €26 a pop for the sockets!!

I just can't imagine anybody being dim enough to pay those sort of prices for items that are so cheap to produce.

I have bought from BuySpares and Screwfix sites at a fraction of the prices. I have also had single phase made in France electrical stuff at a far lower price than available here from the former. Is it mad or mad?

Way ahead of you there James but it was still cheaper to have something shipped from the UK.

ebay.fr is often good for electrical stuff http://goo.gl/dYivot Also there's http://www.materielelectrique.com/ who I normally use.

It's a very good single phase socket though. I bought the exact one last week for my garage. Very well made, but not cheap.

That's a single phase socket Paul