Why is my dog spooked?

The last 3 days one of my dogs has been ‘spooked’ whilst we’re out walking. It’s the same walk I do every day, winding along the side of river, sometimes right next to it, other times a path that’s enclosed with either trees or brambles. Normally she is always a little ahead of me, exploring every little cut-in there is, tail wagging and extremely happy. So these last 3 days she seems to be scared of something, tail is down and she is staying on the path rather than exploring. She is definitely ‘worried’ about something. My other dog is fine. Anybody any ideas what this could be ?

Thanks Steve and Pamela. I'm pretty certain she hasn't been bitten, but you are probably right about it being a snake. I am surprised as I would have thought if she had been frightened about something she would have come straight to me, but maybe not. Anyway I'm going to find a different walk and hopefully she'll get over it. Thanks.

Hi, I was going to say pretty much the same as Steve - possibly a snake. Our dog behaved and reacted in the same way - became very wary of one particular spot, but when it started for about a day he was very quiet and hardly moved. We believe it was a snake bite as it was about the time of year they start 'moving'. Other possibilities are something sharp in the foot pad, like a stone or harsh twig - you can easily check if there is any damage or tenderness. Is there another walk you can do for a few days to take her attention away from this spot?

She might have been bitten by an insect/snake and doesn't want it to happen again. My dog won't get near an electric fence that gave him a shock once unless I hold it up for him to show it is turned off.