Why should I subscribe to SFN?!

Subscribe to SFN? Why on earth do I need to do that?!

Well, actually there is absolutely no requirement whatsoever to subscribe - SFN is a free service and we have no intention of changing that. Our subscription plan is entirely voluntary and has been instigated by the members themselves who have asked what they can do to help!

But here's why you should consider backing SFN with a regular subscription:

Supporting SFN enables us to spend more time improving the site, developing new features and adding to the mass of useful information that can be found on the site. As you may already know, SFN is a cottage industry and is run from our home office by the two of us; it's not a super lucrative enterprise and as such we require any help we can get to finance the project. We know from all the 'thank you' messages, cards and emails that we get, that SFN is a vitally important resource for many, many people. When we hear that people have made contacts, forged new friendships, bought and sold items or gained customers, we are always thrilled. Many of you have already asked how you can give something back, so we've added a subscriptions button - you can find this on the top left hand side of the Main Page.

So whether you have benefited directly from SFN or would simply like to show your appreciation and contribute to the site's future development, we will appreciate whatever you feel able to commit to.

Thank you all very much!

Catharine & James

Thank you very much Suzanne! xx

I've just changed my subscription from monthly to annual - to do this you have to cancel the profile on paypal for the recurring payment which sounds confusing but its all done now. I've set up a new annual SFN subscription using the button on the top left of the Main SFN page.


Me or Catherine... or both, Brian? Answers on a postcard, please.........-;)))


Nice writing too!

You're very welcome! x

Dear James and Catherine, just to say thank you so much for your 'little something in the post'. An amazing, thoughtful and very kind gesture.

great, thanks James

Thanks everyone, happy to be of service :)

Cheques are more than welcome Ron! Please make payable to me and send to;

24498 Route des Potiers



Kind regards


thanks to Shirley for this reminder, we had trouble subscribing via ( UK ) Paypal.

James is there another easy method ? telephonic debit card? French Cheque via post? ha! can't believe I'm asking this!

Glad to add my little bit to this amazing website. I do not unfortunately get the chance to look at it very often but it has proved its worth and value time after time. Catherine and James, take a well deserved bow...... you rock!

Hi James, thanks for that info...I have cancelled as well but will deffo subscribe next year at my own leisure...they are so cheeky that PayPal...

Dear Shirley,

You are free to cancel your PayPal subscription at any point (this is true of any PayPal subscriptions you may have). Here is how do do that.

I have done it for you so as to save you the trouble.

Kind regards


Thanks everyone! Very much appreciated, you'll be receiving a little something in the post shortly if you haven't already :)


Subscribed no problems!

I refelcted on the question for a while, thought about the reason why I use SFN, and realise just how much I get out of it, so it is a pleasure to contribute to the running costs, even if it is a minute proportion!

worth every penny

Done, really easy just by clicking on the link, thank you James for a wonderful connection for all of us who want to integrate.

Happy to subscribe, this site has been worth its weight in gold and saved me thousands of pounds through the advice and articles. Great job, well done.