Why your ears go "pop"

Not everyone’s choice of reading material… but I found this a very interesting article, as well as “stretching” my French… :relaxed:

Stretching your French what, Stella ?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On pense naturellement à tes… tympans :grinning::innocent:

Mine have often “popped” at altitude, and underwatter, summat ta do wid presure ?

So, yes, down your lug hole is the ear drum, a thin skin that separates the outside world from the workings of the middle ear, a tiny cavity in the skull containing tiny bones like the workings of a Swiss watch. These transfer vibrations of the drum (caused by airwaves) across the titchy cavity, to another curly cavity lined with whiskery nerve endings, which go to the part of your brain where the quivering drum, jiggling bones and whiskery nerves turn it into hearing.

So to stop damage to the eardrum, and keep the tension just right for your favourite song to sound sweet, there’s a pressure equalising tube from the cavity with the little bones to the back of your throat. This keeps the air pressure on both sides of the drum at equal pressure, unless Ryanair monkeys with the outside pressure, or you dive in at the deep end at the baths, and fill your lughole with water.

So, the easy way to even up the pressure is to take a few swallows of air with your mouth closed. This pumps air up the tubes in your throat, and all of à sudden you can hear the aircraft engines roar again.

So, as you’ll have noticed, I’ve included a few irritating and useless “so’s” to emphasise my earlier point about meaningless language :joy:

I can be a maddening so-and-so at times!

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Does anybody have ever have their “crystals” blocked in their inner ears ? I tell you, it’s awfull, you don’t have any balance anymore, and feel sea sick all the time, a bit like been completly drunk but not having the drink. I’m not looking foward to it again !!!

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Yep, same thing that made me seasick for years, yer eyes are tellin’ y’ one thing, t’ wee things in yer lugs are tellin’ y’ ‘nother story, result, a bit sick feelin’ :unamused:

Pinch yer nose afore yer swolla Pete :wink:

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HI Babeth…

I had a 6-month spell when a “virus” attacked my inner-ear/brain or whatever. Absolutely ghastly, don’t want that ever again…

Sounds like you have something more complicated and recurring. You have my complete sympathy…

Is your condition treatable in any way??

Last time it happend was about 8 years ago. My doctor said “hum, i’m going to try something, if it doesn’t work, you will have to see a Kiné in Vannes”. He manipulated my head, the world was badly turning arround me, had a little rest and then ALL GONE ! Never had it since (touch wood). Seems it was physiological.

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Glad they were able to help you.

I had all sorts of examinations and tests…at hospital and elsewhere… all of which came up negative, which is why they settled for it being a virus.

The said it would finally go… and it did… but it was awful in the meantime. I am hoping I am now immune to that particular virus… :thinking:

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Something I forgot to tell you too, is the doctor told me to throw away my ergonomic pillow !

My word… ergonomic eh… don’t think I have anything like that in the house… :thinking:

It’s was this kind of pillow. Must be terrible not to know what has happend to you Stella. Hopefully it won’t come back.

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