Wild cats

We have recently borrowed a cat catching cage from SPA in Bergerac

It has been a very emotional few weeks in anticipation of catching the wild

kittens and hopefully doing the right thing for them.

Our vet has been great....we have caught the kittens and been able to take them

to her immediately.

I was very much afraid that one of them may have been a pregnant missy and then

discovered that she was about six months old...or a little more....AND just fat!

We managed to catch mum.
One kitten still not "DONE"

It will be a lot of prep for xmas dinner.

Lots of prawns to peel and a few chickens to roast.

Don't start them on prawns - they'll never want 'proper' food again!!

Ours are thoroughly spoiled, they all know there's a box of prawns in the fridge with their names on...

You are a star Barbara, great initiative, all Rescue centres need people like you and your ideas sound superb!

Hope it all works out for you and don't forget to advertise the events here too!

Wow, good for you and your group for your optimism and ambition. It's sure you'll change things with that attitude. France is so lucky to have people like you show up and put some muscle into the problem of homeless animals.

Keep us informed, if I was closer I would join in the fun!

Best from Limoges!

I really want to do more.

One of the kittens seems to want to be friends and sits and eats with Tito

in the evening.

Some friends and I are hoping to raise funds next April for SPA

Bergerac. We are waiting for the official GO AHEAD from the President of SPA.

If this event takes place we can rally round doing all sorts of things making the

event really fun and interesting and raising decent money.

We may be able to make this a regular event....4 times year or more often.

Lots of ladies in the area want to be doing something useful and enjoying meeting

new friends

OOHPs the full stop was missed.

However we are hoping to have an amazing fashion show orchestrated and designed

by a young talented friend of mine. He would love to do it for free but he desperatly

needs to work for payment and pay his models and travel exspenses.

The fashion show would be a crowd puller.

We will be having an auction, live music, tombola, stands selling really nice goodies,

fashion art and the Salon de The a la Ritz.

Yes the cakes and sarmies served on stands and the tea in pots.

Room for 5O PEOPLE plus in the tea room.

Any one wanting to help please let me know.

The sadest place ever is the SPA at Bergerac where the dogs

and cats spend their days in the hope of being loved.

Please help them find love.

Really well done Barbara, this is the very best thing that anyone can do for any cat, to have it sterilised so that the misery of reproduction doesn't continue!

Thank you on their behalf and on behalf of all the future unborn and unwanted kittens that may have been.

Bravo Barbara,

You are making the world a better place by being so responsible and intelligent, and I know very well how nerve-wracking trapping is. Just think of how many wild kittens will NOT be born, thanks to you.

Sending admiration from Limoges,


Morning Regina.

They have been released and we continue to feed them.

We have 5 very lovely cats of our own.

Ouch.....the food bills are big

Well done, Barbara! Are you planning to release them again or are you - like us - going to keep them?
We’ve always managed to tame them to such an extent that we could trap them in our transporting boxes and take them to the vet.
Great job!