Wild cats

Does any one have any ideas before I go bald pulling my hair out?

We have 5 house cats, all beautiful, different and bonkers, all sterilised. BUT we have strays moved into our barn, they are to wild to catch, cant put poison down as I hate the idea and it might get our cats or dogs, wont let them be shot cos it is hideous, but there are now at least 30. It cant go on by spring there will be 60, ok we have no mice, but ..........what do the SPA do? Any ideas any one?


Hi Annie,

Wild cats are a quite different entity to domesticated cats. At Chats du Quercy, we can offer advice on how to trap, and how to manage the colony.

Contact us through chatsduquercy@gmail.com

Hi Annie,

Check out this site:


They may be able to help you, with advice at least.