Wild hops!

Hi Folks,

I have been crazy busy, and the jar of honey that I bought to make White House Honey Brown is still sitting on the counter next to the stove taunting me. I promise I'll get around to it sometime soon, and when I do I'll document it here.

What I wanted to share with you today, however, was something I discovered while enjoying a beer near Amberieu (in the Ain). We had gone for a hike with the family, and were enjoying a delicious crêpe on the terrace at an auberge in the middle of no-where. I ordered un bière artisanale... As I was reading the bottle, it said that the guy that makes it actually does so with hops he finds growing wild in the region!

Needless to say, this will give new meaning to our occassional Sunday meanderings. If I find any good stashes of wild hops, I'll let you guys know... as long as you promise to keep my secrets, or at least share any beer you make with it! We can also use this space to exchange other information on where and when to find wild hops, if you'd like.

Happy hopping!