Wild life in the garden, or around!

(stella wood) #261

You’re very lucky, Bill… only the once in France and never in UK…
Thoroughly enjoying all Babeth’s photos… :relaxed::relaxed:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #262

Busy sky tonight,
those one going north west

those one going south est

And this one south est too ! Must be something happening !

(Bill Morgan) #263

Looks like things ‘could’ be better elsewhere?
Ach!, I’ll ‘ang on a wee bit an’ see, mesel’, ye ken! :thinking:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #264

(Elisabeth Morgan) #265

(Bill Morgan) #266

Second one has a ‘face’, like a ‘Garden Gnome’, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Helen Wright) #267

Heading into Autumn in my wilderness…x :slight_smile:

(Chris Kite) #268

Ok, so it’s not a photo but I’ve just seen a herd of swallows, 100, 150 maybe. Never seen a group like that before. Circling high above the pool of the house we are staying in, getting lower and lower and finally quenching their thirst😃

(Elisabeth Morgan) #269

There are two new born, next door. A bit late. I think it’s going to be a drama for my mum :disappointed_relieved:

(Chris Kite) #270

Yes, that sounds too late doesn’t it. They should be heading south shortly.:slightly_frowning_face:

(Helen Wright) #271

The swallow babies who took a fancy to the entrance way to my back garden…(I had six fledglings roosting overnight for a few weeks and had to get up at dawn to let them out…) are gathering together with quite a few more now…a week ago I thought they had left but they are gathering in ever increasing numbers at the minute swooping and diving so high in the sky that if you didn’t recognise their flying patterns it would be really difficult to know they are swallows…,:heart:

(Véronique Langlands) #272

I live at the top of a hill, the valley is full of mist in the mornings and this last week up to a hundred swallows have been sitting on the telephone wires in the sun as I go off to work. Lots of shuffling about then swooping and soaring, stretching their wings.

(Ann Coe) #273

Likewise here in central France with the swallows. They are putting on some incredible displays of flight and it’s wonderful to see.
Just hope that it isn’t a sign of a harsh Winter to come :open_mouth:

(Mark Robbins) #274

But are they African or European swallows?

(Helen Wright) #275

LOL…x :smile:

(Paul Flinders) #276

Don’t tend to see as much wildlife in the UK but managed to snap this one this afternoon.

(stella wood) #277

lovely… looks like a Great Tit to me Paul… :relaxed::relaxed:

(Helen Wright) #278

I’ve still got butterflies and hornets in the wilderness out back…I saw a dragonfly sunning itself on a fallen leaf several days ago but wasn’t quick enough to get my phone out to take a photo…

Hornet making the most of a fallen apple in November…x :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #279

we still had lizards and Hummingbird Moths darting about yesterday… but today’s rain has put the mockers on all the fun…

(Chris Kite) #280

We’ve got an ivy that flowers, no idea what it’s called but I’ve never seen so many hornets :honeybee: