Wild life in the garden, or around!

It does look a bit moth eaten doesn’t it :rofl:


Round my way, it’s been raining forever. The nest is most likely dead, so I’ll leave it to the elements. It’ll fall, and I haven’t a ladder that goes that high anyway. Let nature take its course. Shan’t bother the Marie.

Many a true word… however, you’re not far off; there’s still a lot of protein left in the nest from dead larvae and pupae. Certain birds have developed an appetite for raiding dead nests. A welcome autumnal bonus for non migrating birds.


Getting closer to trapping a stray kitten. Once she is used to eating in the trap, will set it and hopefully catch her – I think it’s a female, but we shall see!


This little guy been spotted on my terrace. So cute!


I’ve just been outside to put a load of washing on. Heard loads of grus but feel really sorry for them flying in the dark :pleading_face:


We called them tree frogs in UK… there were quite few in the tropical-plant-houses.

We’ve had just one here in France (no, I didn’t bring it with me… :wink: :wink: )


We have one currently living on and around our terrace. It’s been here for a few weeks, and it’s very green. For some reason, the cats seem to ignore it. Maybe it’s the colour ?

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I have a bunch living in a watering can, they also like to sit on the windows and behind shutters (they share with bats) and use the courtyard of my house as an echo chamber.
One also appeared on the windowsill of my car as I was driving home along the bypass and I have no idea if it was originally a home one or an Inter carpark one who hitched a lift to the countryside.

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Two baby hedgehogs (possibly more than two around) looking plump & healthy, kitten hungry & upset, and I think the third hedgehog is mum, also looking healthy, having a good scratch.

Will leave some straw for the hedgehogs as it’s nearing winter, plus food & water in case it’s a mild winter.


The poor puss cat really doesn’t know who is eating her food and what to do about it :pleading_face:

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Watch for junior hedgehog’s strange backward-slide-shake-shuffle move, and mum having a drink, then being sick, convulsing, having a pee and then carrying on as normal! I think she’s OK, but will watch out for her.

Instinct has set in and one junior hedgehog is collecting nest material for its first hibernation 2023/24. I put some dry straw down this morning and will leave a pile of leaves when dry. Everywhere is so wet and sodden!

That instinct, ticking away in junior’s brain, has kept hedgehogs as we know them today, alive for the last 15 million years, apparently.

Haven’t thought about it much but do we have such vital instincts that keep us alive, distinct from learned behaviour? A new topic perhaps.

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Some help

Good for carpenters but I’m hopeless and already have 2 of these, well used, but my garage currently has a huge pile of old planks, logs and bark from roof replacement work which I’m sure the hedgehogs will find. Although junior in the video is walking towards the hole in the garage door. Where to I know not.



WARNING : I’ve removed all of my shared links to Google Photos as some one with a Cyrillic character name was attempting to access them.

The name of the person was not dissimilar to a user account that appeared briefly on SF and then disappeared. You have been warned !

They’re nice photos and videos, I enjoyed looking and watching them.
But like anything on the web, can be scrutinized and be used for profiling / nefarious activities …


Quite a mushroom I found this morning- it is about 300mm tall.