Wild weather alert

(Bill Morgan) #21

Pleased to announce, the mercury and the ‘line’, are both rising very slowly here in 56 Stella :+1:

(Mandy Davies) #22

It’s been raining for 3 days straight here and looks set to continue until tomorrow. Got soaked yesterday. Can not believe it is actually May. Hoping for spring to arrive at some point.

(Bill Morgan) #23

Another beautiful morning in SE 56, with the baro’s rising :slightly_smiling_face:

(Simon Armstrong) #24

And another gorgeous one in the making here! :slight_smile: I :heart: :es:

(Mandy Davies) #25

Still raining here but at least the temperature is now in double figures.

(stella wood) #26

Seems about right… I have a selection of thermals and T-shirts at the ready.

(David Martin) #27

This was today’s weather very near to where I used to live.

I’m glad I’m here in France!

(Bill Morgan) #28

As it promised to be this morning, beautiful day here!

(Bill Morgan) #29

Sunny clear and calm, baro and barograph rising steadily Nr Redon :+1:

(Mandy Davies) #30


I’m whispering because I don’t want to jinx anything. The rain has stopped. It’s still cloudy but at least the rain has stopped. We may even get some sunshine later today.


(Bill Morgan) #31

Still bright and sunny in SE Brittany :grin:

(Bill Morgan) #32

Well it’s been so good, inspired me to cut the grass, put the cuttings on the ‘no dig tatties’, plant a new clematis we bought at the Priory, at Pen Lan, (I’ve mentioned it before, but anyone living in SE Brittany, it’s well worth a visit), we buy all our plants, poultry, eggs there and beef when available, great quality and great prices.
With the bonus of lovely walks by the sea. after. Now, it’s almost beer 'o clock :slightly_smiling_face:

(stella wood) #33

Perishing this morning as I set out for a training session some distance away… by the time we got there, the sun was shining and I was beginning to boil…

Back home… and sunny, but not so hot here… just picked and gobbled-up our first wild strawberries… yummy :relaxed::upside_down_face:

@Bill Which clematis have you bought… ???

(Bill Morgan) #34

Lovely again here, I may have go for a walk and a beer beside the Villaine after lunch, pity Babeth is working, I will try to remember to ask Her about the clematis later Stella, when She gets in :slightly_smiling_face:

(stella wood) #35

I’m relying on you Bill… we had lots of different clematis in UK… but only got a couple here (at the moment)…:hugs:

(Bill Morgan) #36

We like them, we have two now, first one planted last year has survived the winter well, grew like weeds in Portugal, as did Jasmine, but that’s struggling here, honeysuckle has gone mad, smells wonderful in the evening :slightly_smiling_face:

(stella wood) #37

Oh yes, I’d forgotten how hardy honeysuckle is… that might well be an idea for a rough corner… that scent carrying on the night air… happy days…

(Bill Morgan) #38

Pics of the clematis, hope you can identify what type they are and the ‘rampant’ honeysuckle, two types there too, yellow big one, pink saller, at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:

(stella wood) #39

Lovely clematis… where is my Fisk’s catalogue when I want it… :roll_eyes: I had it only the other day as I want to check which ones will survive here in France…and Fisk is my bible.

(Bill Morgan) #40

Forecast good here, SE 56 for the next couple of weeks, up to 27° on Thurs :slightly_smiling_face: