Wild weather and crazy behaviour

Why do people go swimming in such awful conditions…

Please stay safe, everyone… :upside_down_face:

… perhaps because he’s Australian where, noting the wetsuit and surfboard, the surf conditions shown are fairly ordinary by that country’s standards…

Have you a more detailed report on this happening ??? as I can only see where he is described as an experienced swimmer who swam daily … and who ignored all the warnings… :thinking:

I can see some of the rescue party with their wetsuits and boards…:upside_down_face:

Hi Stella - I have since read the article in full so my apologies. I didn’t realise the authorities considered the sea state alarming. Nevertheless three points:

  • there are several sets of footprints in the photo suggestion several surfers entering and exiting the water;

  • as well as the person with the surfboard seen exiting the surf with a surfboard there is another person with a surfboard to the left of the photo; and

  • one assumes that the surfers are young French males. They could equally be female Australian Seniors…

As I said these are fairly ordinary conditions for competent surfers. In fact I wouldn’t bother until the wave got a little bigger. Sadly whenever I go to the beach on the Brittany coast the tide is several kilometers out and the wave height seldom high enough to surf the break. For all that I forgive the Atlantic coast and love Brittany allthesame for its other charms.

This rescue involved the Firebrigade Lifesavers, Rescue helicopter, Ambulance staff and police .

The surfers, you see, are the Life Savers - who saved an elderly swimmer who was clinging to rocks in a very dangerous sea and was unable to get back to shore unaided. :relaxed:

In my view, by ignoring all the warnings/prohibition of the situation and subsequently needing emergency services - that swimmer put the lives of those volunteers at risk… not good!!!


There will always be adrenaline junkies (free solo rock climbers come to mind :woman_climbing:t3:) and those experts who think that warnings issued don’t apply to them.
Unfortunately surfers and swimmers who choose to ignore these warnings like in this case, put the lives of others in danger when it all goes wrong.
The vast majority of us luckily do take heed of these warnings and with good reason.

You have made me chuckle since this swimmer is 75 and the other swimmer was also in her 70’s…

adrenaline junkies…??? or the first signs of something sad… :zipper_mouth_face:

Absolutely…they come in all shapes, sizes and ages! :joy: although a touch of :crazy_face: is also a possibility. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Good - female Australian surfers let off the hook then.

Ha ha… Australian surfers and any other surfers… they are all let off the hook…

This was not an international event… it was just some of the local-oldies, swimmers who really should have known better.

I’m an oldie and I like doing things I really should have known better, thank you very much!

I bet you do as well on the quiet, Stella.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::tornado::tornado::tornado::zipper_mouth_face:

Now then Peter… I’m sure neither of us would put other folks’ lives at risk… or have I read you all wrong… :rofl:


Let’s agree that neither of us were born yesterday :smiley::hugs:

General consensus round these parts is that all tourists getting rescued should also get a bill!


and any locals too…:rescue_worker_helmet:


TBH it is almost never locals who get into trouble - people tend to know better but every summer the drownings are people from out of the region who go swimming outside the flags / at night etc etc.

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There is a video going around of a (idiot) father with child in Britain nearly being swept of the prom into the raging sea this week.
Instead of making this idiot famous amongst other idiots with this video perhaps an intervention from social services might make this idiot wake up and recognise his responsibility to himself, his family and society.


Here’s the video link…

The strength of feeling in this post (four ‘idiot’ references) @Gfplux suggests a man who has never had a narrow squeak himself, or perhaps (more likely IMO) a man who has, and doesn’t care to be reminded of his own human folly.

Which is it, Graham? :thinking::grinning:

Now then Peter… :upside_down_face: for anyone who endangers a child to be called an “idiot” is rather tame in my opinion… :thinking: