Wild weather/Extreme Weather alert - It's back again... August 2018

(Bill Morgan) #172

Ah, non of that rubbish up ‘ere int’ North tha’ knaws :rofl:

(Peter Goble) #173

Bill is right, or reet, depending how far north is North. It’s been like a baker’s oven every day for over a month here in this part of North-West France, broiling locals are drawn to dawdle limply in the aisles of our mammoth Lidl, where frosty zephyrs are released from the doors of the many meat, fish, and dairy chill-chambers which line its vaulted arcades.

The smaller Lidl it replaced (situated in a snooty locale) was much messier, not so cool, and had smaller trolleys, but the new braggart hyperLidl is less fun and almost everything edible is swaddled in plastic and piled up in glass cases with heavy doors. Poor show, Lidl!

(Bill Morgan) #174

:+1: Could do wid suma t’ watter they’re awash wid Peter :wink:

(stella wood) #175

(Bill Morgan) #176

No eclipse I fear, But it’s pouring down in S Morbihan, at last, Yippeeeeee! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Mandy Davies) #177

Send some of that south please Bill. Parched and hot here.

(Bill Morgan) #178

Bloody typical, would have been good for B’ to see a clear sky tonight, ‘hey ho’ :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #179

If B’ could get a glimpse of the Moon tonight, I would happily donate our quota of watter Mandy, the ground here is like stone too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(stella wood) #180

We are working at 6.30am and flaking at mid-day… phew…

(stella wood) #181

They talk about it hitting 40c in these named departments… but it has been hitting 40c on my terrace (shaded) for some time… and we are South-West :thinking:

(stella wood) #182

Good advice on how best to cope with the heatwave…

5 errors to avoid…:thinking:

(Mark Robbins) #183

I always find downing a few cold beers helps, no matter what the weather is like :beer::beer::beer::beer:

(Ann Coe) #184

Last Thursday we took a Belgian friend to visit a Pagoda that is almost 2 hours from us.
The temperature when we returned to the car was 42° in the full sun ! :sweat::sweat:
Happily I have ‘clim’ :slight_smile:

Here is the link for the Pagoda if anyone is not too far …

(stella wood) #185

I sat in the car while the owner filled up the petrol tank… Of course, with the engine switched off the “clime” went off too… it only took maybe 5 minutes, but I felt as if I were burning alive. thankfully I had my water bottle with me… but how anyone could leave dogs, kids or whatever…while they “pop into a shop” beats me…

(Chris Kite) #186

Things could be worse…

(stella wood) #187

I have not known a year like this… so many storms… phew… batten down everyone… :wink:

(Bill Morgan) #188

Well a bit of welcome rain here, though it has messed up my ‘wombling’ today :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Mandy Davies) #189

We’re in the orange area and expecting a storm tonight after a hot & humid day. Bizarre weather this year.

Having said that. I just shared a post from Facebook at this time last year that said I’d had to put the heating on in August for the first time ever.

(stella wood) #190

gosh… that is a real change…

Can’t see us needing heating yet (hope not)… but we have a small electric fan rad… with thermostat… which takes the edge off if necessary… and it doesn’t cost a bomb…

(Mandy Davies) #191

Finally the storm has arrived. It’s ferocious!! :cloud_with_lightning::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::zap:

Continuous thunder and lightning for more than an hour now and torrential rain. Feeling fresher already after an oppressively hot day.

I just hope there is no damage or flooding anywhere. :crossed_fingers: