Wild weather/Extreme Weather alert -October 2018

(Chris Kite) #186

Things could be worse…

(stella wood) #187

I have not known a year like this… so many storms… phew… batten down everyone… :wink:

(Bill Morgan) #188

Well a bit of welcome rain here, though it has messed up my ‘wombling’ today :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Mandy Davies) #189

We’re in the orange area and expecting a storm tonight after a hot & humid day. Bizarre weather this year.

Having said that. I just shared a post from Facebook at this time last year that said I’d had to put the heating on in August for the first time ever.

(stella wood) #190

gosh… that is a real change…

Can’t see us needing heating yet (hope not)… but we have a small electric fan rad… with thermostat… which takes the edge off if necessary… and it doesn’t cost a bomb…

(Mandy Davies) #191

Finally the storm has arrived. It’s ferocious!! :cloud_with_lightning::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::zap:

Continuous thunder and lightning for more than an hour now and torrential rain. Feeling fresher already after an oppressively hot day.

I just hope there is no damage or flooding anywhere. :crossed_fingers:

(stella wood) #192

This has reminded me to check out a Woodman, we don’t have much left from last winter. … may seem daft in this heat… but… :thinking::zipper_mouth_face:

(David Martin) #193

Not at all daft, the summer months are the time to order wood.

(stella wood) #194

Yep… but it is the lugging from one spot to another… :roll_eyes: Folk are not so keen to attend a “wood party” when it is still almost touching 40c every day… everyone is flagging.

(David Martin) #195

I always order mine in August but it’s not delivered until the end of September at the earliest.

(Jane Williamson) #196

We have had to stop using our wood burner as the particulates in the fumes cause problems for my asthma.
I have not had a chest infection in the winter since we have not lit the stove.
We keep a wood supply in case of losing our electricity.

(David Martin) #197

My asthma has improved dramatically since I left the world of fitted carpets and entered the world of woodburners. I suppose it depends on what triggers you attacks. Unfortunately for me most apples bring on asthma although at the moment Granny Smiths soon to be benign.

(Chris Kite) #198

Tonight’s storm approaching,

(Bill Morgan) #199

Pleased to be in the ‘Less Wild North’ Chris, you get some dramatic weather down Thar!

(Chris Kite) #200

It’s blowing hard now too…

(Bill Morgan) #201

Windless here Chris, been a beautiful day, but ‘muggy’ in the late afternoon, we don’t often get anything dramatic in SE Morbihan :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Chris Kite) #202

No Tv now, electric will be next☹️

(Bill Morgan) #203

Rowlocks! :unamused:

(Mandy Davies) #204

(stella wood) #205

I know Wild Weather is hitting many countries at the moment… but poor Portugal will be suffering next…such a pretty country… with lovely people…