Wild weather -October /November 2018

Horrible news, just watched on French tv and they say its now 13 dead and 5 seriously injured. The images were awful. I do hope that all our fellow members who live in that area are safe.
Well done to the rescue services too, at the moment they are still trying to go door to door to make sure no one is trapped. :cry:

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Glad to hear you are OK… and that you and the neighbours are supporting one another… :relaxed::relaxed:

Hope the weather turns soon…


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Thank you Stella. It all happened so suddenly. We’ve had little to no rain except s couple of overnight showers since we arrived in September and before that it was apparently scorchio. The weather warning seemed to literally change in minutes from nothing to yellow then through to red. Roads and bridges swept away in Carcassone & even the Canal du Midi has burst its banks . We went to a grange sale in Conques sur Orbeil yesterday in beautiful 26C sunshine. Today I read it’s under water with people being rescued from their roofs.

Oh thank goodness you are relatively OK. Awful for your neighbours though.

We are just over the border and it’s been pretty bad here as well although nothing like as serious as the pictures I’ve seen of Villegailhenc etc.

This is becoming a tragedy. :cry:

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How is everyone down there… after yesterday/last night ???

Keep safe and dry… if you can.

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It was me tioned on the Today programme that the French weather forecasting is not up to scratch.

Well, they did forecast what arrived… not sure what more they could do…

There is not a French version of Hurricane Fish… :wink:

The saddest story of this terrible tragedy. I can’t even imagine what this poor lady is going through.



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Yes I read this earlier in the day, the mayor went to see her to offer what help he could. It’s reported that she said “why is this happening, what have I done to deserve this, have I been bad, please please make it stop now”!
So hard to imagine what she is going through, I must admit that I had tears in my eyes, and not just for her :pensive:

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French weather forecasting not up to scratch? I find it to be excellent, perhaps you need to change your source.

We are being told that we will have rain and we are still waiting.
The difference between meteo sites is quite amazing.
Obviously, huge storms can be predicted.

For a very accurate forecast but one that might require more input than the simple ones have a look at www.wetter.de .

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Ha ha… wot wild wetter???

I was introduced to it about 10 years ago by a French yachtswoman and for a while I used it as my primary weather source when planning sailing trips. These days I find the French forecasts very, very accurate.

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Weather forecasting is much more reliable than it used to be - which is one of the reasons that you can easily find detailed reports up to 14-15 days hence.

However, it is still the case that beyond 48 hours needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

As far as I can recall… this wild weather was forewarned… but what was not envisaged was how the infrastructure could not cope with what it received…

Having said that, in 1999 the Aude suffered flooding with more than 20 deaths… so some improvement this year… still ghastly though…

Looks like time to checkout the thermal underwear…