Wildlife is not safe in Trump's hands

Having read this through, once again I am disgusted with Trump…


He is one revolting piece of work.

Not only is he a misogynist, sexist, racist, muslim-hating, xenophobic, lying, pussy-grabbing, gun-loving cock-womble he also condones animal abuse.

Every day he seems to give me another reason to want to punch him.

Apologies for the language.


And his bad points?



Ha bloody ha…

Oh, I missed out adulterer and hypocrite.

I imagine there are more if anyone would like to add them.

Just your average American red neck.

I have to (almost) smile at his latest ploy… forewarning that he may insult North Korea yet further… I’m talking about the “possible” forthcoming summit… :thinking::upside_down_face: frankly, nothing is safe in Trump’s hands (in my opinion)…:wink::roll_eyes:

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Either way, I wish Trump will make a decision on whether to blow up N Korea or not, I want to book a 3 week tour of Vietnam and Cambodia in December. I might cancel it if all I get to see are 3 eyed frazzled fish and radiated tree stumps!

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