Will a breathaliser kit in your car change your driving behaviour?

As from July this year all vehicles, except mopeds, will be required to carry a self-breathaliser kit as law. I don't see the point, or am I missing something here?

In my view, the responsible driver won't drink & drive, therefor has no need of the kit, on the other hand, the irresponsible driver will still drink & drive, probably won't even consider blowing into the thing. If he/she did & it showed that they are over the limit do you really think that it would stop them?

In my part of France (Dordogne) it is so common to see people getting into their little sans permis cars totally inebriated, probably too drunk to remember that they now have a new obligation to prove that they are bladdered before they turn the key!

I agree with you. I will be forced to buy one, but I won't use it; I don't drink and drive, I love my car too much! All this will do is fill up the State's coffers.

Won't change a thing here. I stopped even risking drinking and driving in my teens.

Won't change a thing here. I stopped even risking drinking and driving in my teens.

I spoke to the gendarmes and they confirmed you have to have 2 testers in the car. She also said that you shouldn't keep them in the car all the time as the chemicals in the test are affected by the heat and so could give you a wrong reading.

Unfortunately this law will not prevent people from drink driving! last night I learnt the tradgic news that a family friend was involved in a head on collision that we had seen being attended to on the way home earlier that day.

He has left behind a wife, children and grandchildren. He was offered a lift home but chose to drive himself home while the bar owner was locking up. If he chose not to take the lift then what makes the government think that he would have used his breathaliser.

It really hits it home when you know the person! I did'nt sleep last night due to being upset and also the mixed emotions of how an itelligent man could make that decision. The pain his loved ones are suffering, the trauma my neighbour is suffering after being called to the accident to translate for the emergency services, the trauma and injuries to the other driver. I thank god that the other driver will be ok and no other people were injured.

I beg anyone reading this please don't chance it, it wrecks peoples lives.

You can't teach your grandma to suck eggs Andrew, especially on Mother's Day (in UK).

me too, very wise words Jane ;-)

We have seen the problems that one person in a marriage (in their case) not being able to drive has caused. It, obviously, had been simmering for some time and when one of the people at lunch said what would she do if anything happened to her husband, she replied that she would be dependent upon the kindness of friends and neighbours". Someone made another remark and she walked out in a huff!!

I second that....

I even third it, lol. A car is needed.

I would suggest that if you are coming to live in rural France that the ability to drive is as necessary as the ability to speak french.

If you are married or in a partnership, it also avoids one partner feeling dependent upon the other or the other partner feeling that they are shouldering all the burden of driving, especially if you make trips back to UK by car.

One thing is for sure....

It is better to drive without a single alcoholic drink in your system.

Me...I neither drink or drive.

Has anybody actually bought one and seen where they are made?

Just shows how ridiculous the law is if they can test you again anyhow and completely disregard the 'home kit!' One way to help the French Economy I suppose, as long as they are manufactured here and not in China!

@June There are 2 separate laws, one saying don't drink and drive, the other (ridiculous one) is carry this kit in your car or we'll fine you 11€. If gendarme thinks you are over the limit, he will still breathalyse you.

There are so many problems and unklnowns with this ridiculous law. If you follow the logical thread, the only conclusion that you can come to is that someone somewhere has a financial interest in everyone carrying these testy kits.

I wonder what will happen if you are stopped and produce your negative test, then to found over the limit by the Gendarmes test equipment, surely they are unable to charge you as you obeyed the law, if they do charge you, then it makes a mockery of this new law. I have not seen a test, but do the results stay on the test or erase a short period after use? If they do stay on the test then how long will it be before people drive around with a used negative test in their glovebox???

We are moving to France this month - been advised of these breathalysers that are needed - looked in Carrefour, Hyper and Super U but cannot find them. Could you tell me which aisle they are normally kept in please?

last time I was stopped and asked to 'blow into this bag' I responded with 'pourquoi, vos frites sont trop chaude?

Either this just doesn't translate, or these guys have no sense of humour.

Bought some at Carrefour this morning. They come in packs of 2 & have a use by date of 2014. Still a very daft idea though ..& very galling for me as a life long TT!