Will he return

Perhaps you do not like his style or his politics?

But will he remain as our leader in France?

Barbara. I never wore cuban heels though I did wear chisel toes. I never had a relationship with Mick Jagger. Brian Jones drowned didn't he? I couldn't give a hoot about Sarko or Mick's past , present or future squeeze. I do recall that Marianne Faithful's father lived just up the street from me at one time. Can't you tell it's a rainy day!

Yes I know what you mean.

There is a lot more to life than money and rock? ROCK AND ROLL and power.

far from being jealous, I couldn't stand being either of them!

Everyone dressed in cuban heels...

Everyone had a relationship with Mick Jagger.

Brian Jones was the secret behind the Rolling Stones.

Boys lets not get jelious about the flurtations and powerful encounters of

Mr Sarkowky or Mr Jagger.

France has had enough of it's various Napoléans, this latest miniature model has been hard to put up with. I'm not saying Hollande will do any better, we've just had enough of bling-bling and sound bites. I think Fillon and various others around him are excellent, it's the all powerful midget I don't like! Don't rate Carla either, she should have stayed with Mike Jagger!

Never trust a man who wears Cuban Heels Barbara