Will I have to pay French tax on used camera bought from UK

For 15 - 18€ you can buy one here. Both QWERTY UK and QWERTY US are easily available.

That sounds like the price of a separate keyboard rather than a laptop…

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Unfortunately our days of driving to the UK are over :slightly_frowning_face: The train is our friend now, so cannot avoid closer scrutiny at customs :frowning:
My husband wants to buy an Apple laptop :heart_eyes: but if the duties are silly money I have a plan B, thanks @JaneJones. @graham

Apple often has better stuff in the US and historically cheaper, as do many other brands.

If you’re going to have to pay 3rd country duty and VAT then might as well look beyond the UK as you’ll pay the same now importing from places with better choice. Obvs check for worldwide warranty.

Also for this sort of kit duty is unlikely to apply although VAT will be due. A cooperative sender may be able to not charge you their local sales tax if you’re exporting (esp in the EU this should be done) so that would leave only 1 lot of VAT/TVA to pay - the French TVA.

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I decided against buying from UK because of the tax and fees etc. Instead, I bought my laptop from Germany and a set of stickers for QWERTY and converted the keyboard to a QWERTY when it arrived.

When you purchase your Apple product online, there is a dropdown menu for you to select the keyboard you wish so there is no need to import from elsewhere. I have just checked by following the ordering process on the website.

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