Will taking part in a TV programme be a good idea or a horror story?

No I have not been asked to judge on Strictly come dancing or to cook

on one of the cooking channels...but to collect a few other properties in our area

who have applied their personalities and artistic concepts to create a special place to live.

Could be fun...more about learning about production and illuminating our place and this

beautiful region.

I can see most of you shaking your heads with a positive no?

Not interested in 15 mins of fame Shirely but this programme is about*

exhibiting my interior design and that may bring a few extra guests.

Emotions take place in reality and these moments are very intense.

Many of our chef contemporaries have elavated to fame weaving their

fantastical stories and new approach to cooking.

This is a little different.

Not sure if I can say that my life or property is just cosy or boring!!!

ah Living the Dream

We were asked too.

BBC...we had a screen test...SO TO SPEAK AT HOME;

We declined...FOR many reasons...WE HAD NO property in France at that point.

Yes they did want the negative side....MOST of them do.

I want to portray France as she really is...

Hello Barbara,

We were asked to take part in a TV programme for french television about 7 years ago. We have a small building company in the Tarn and the producer wanted to do a programme about the English moving to france and 'living the dream'.

My husband refused to entertain the idea but I was keen because I thought it would be good for the business. As it turns out I was so relieved we didn't take part. I found the programmes difficult to watch, as some of the English families and businesses featured were portrayed as wealthy, eccentric, slightly clueless buffoons. We knew one of the families featured and this couldn't have been further from the truth....the editing was cruel and just reinforced the English stereotype that the French seem to apply to all of us non-French.

However, it does sound as though the programme you are thinking about taking part in deals with a different type of subject, perhaps a little less intrusive, so it could be fun....and I suppose there is only one way to find out!