Will you be doing the shopping on 24 and/or 25th November 2017

If you are shopping in any of the shops which will be supporting the Collection of groceries etc for the needy, this year…please be generous… buy a few extra packets/tins… and hand them over to the Collectors (after you have paid for them, of course)…


I would second this. My hubby and I were in a desperate situation financially in 2013 (thankfully only for a few months) and were given a ticket for the local foodbank by our assistante sociale. We managed not to resort to using it but were so thankful that a lifeline was available had we needed it. I would urge everyone to please help if they can.

I have also checked my cupboards for suitable items that I’m not likely to use and that are still in date. I’ve got a small bag of tins and cartons to add to the items I will buy on the day.



That is very kind of you Mandy…but be careful not to take your home-goodies through/into the store…or you might/will be charged for them at the Till… :scream: (try and pass them through the Exit)

I am glad that you were offered help (even if, in the end you managed without.)

All products donated during these weekend blitzes… are distributed/made available to people living in the areas where the collections are made… this Collection is aimed at giving folk a slightly better Christmas than they would otherwise have…

Oh, and just a thought…Voluntary Helpers are always needed…throughout the year…if anyone is interested.

Today was the first day of the National Collection… and, frankly, I was disappointed. Definitely fewer items donated and those seem mostly to be pasta or rice.

Normally, I am at the Cashier side with a trolley to accept donations… but this year I am working my dubious charm at the Entrance…

Gaudily clad in the “offiicial” gear and clutching leaflets and carrier bags… I greeted every person who came into the store, with a beaming smile and a cheerful Bonjour…and I stood well back so as not to appear “pushy”.

A surprising number of folk refused to give an answering “Bonjour” and some even turned their head … to ignore my presence as they marched past me.

Most folk returned my cheery welcome … some took the pamphlet and carrier, some did not…some folk explained that they could not afford to give much, but would see what they could do… and then others explained they had already given elsewhere… but I chatted with all of them and the time flew by.

If you have not already given (or even if you have)… please do think about popping to the shops tomorrow and putting a few packets in the Official Trolley…It really is a good cause.

Good for you Stella. I’ve been involved in collecting for charities in the UK and it can be difficult I know.

I went today as usual and donated a few things and I noticed there was lots of pasta and tinned vegetables in the boxes.

I think most people just don’t have much money to spare.

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I agree with you… not much money about… but some people were simply rude…no need for that…

Well done Stella, not easy to remain cheerful when ‘faced’ with some folks :wink:

Even if I don’t have a lot, I am lucky that I have a roof over my head and food in the larder, so I always contribute to this worthy cause.

It’s always interesting to see how some people will go out of their way to ignore the ‘helpers’ , I think it’s better if they say no thanks rather than pretend the person isn’t there.

I have noticed the same thing during Red Cross collection days too !

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You’re right of course. It costs nothing to smile and be polite.