Will you be receiving a new numero fiscal?

Sharing this as I’m sure it will be of interest


I am so lucky, having a French wife, or I would be utterly ‘lost’ :thinking: , not only French, but a French Accountant :grin:

A French accountant!! People on here are always looking for those. Is she in practice or does she work for someone else? I was an Accountant once, in my previous life in the UK.

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According to this Article…
It will only touch a minority of folk… who should already have been notified.
And, where a number is changed…the Tax Office will give copies of all documents they hold bearing the previous (now incorrect) number) … so no real need to panic.

Has anyone on this Forum heard anything???

On the French sites it talks about “taxing at source” which is coming in for 2019… which will be applied to workers / salaried folk etc rather than pensioners… I’ll dig a bit deeper and see what more I can find out… :grin:

Also, the French site talks about the minority being in a “grey area”… which, hopefully does NOT apply to our forumites :relaxed::relaxed:

Happily Mandy, She only works part time, about 3kms from home (great), used to work for a multinational in Paris, Belgium and the States.

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So far as I can see, it is a marketing ploy by The Connexion trying to peddle their tax guideline… The numbers may well change but I doubt it will be other than seamless.

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