Will you pay cash for services?

Tax avoidance is in the headlines in the UK at the moment...with Jimmy Carr named by David Cameron for his off shore activities and 1% tax payment...and perhaps Mr Cameron should have thought before making the comment as his family fortune was built largely by avoiding tax according to several newspapers.

Since moving to France, initially to the Languedoc and now the Dordogne, we have had lots of artisans providing services for us. We have employed French, Dutch and English artisans. From roofers, builders, plumbers, carpenters, satelite dish fitters etc. The majority of the time we have been asked for cash as payment, which we refuse to do.

We pay tax in the UK on pensions and tax here on a rental property. We always pay our taxes, and feel that if you live in a country, you should, when required, pay your taxes to ensure your country of choice has sufficient funds for schools, roads, hospitals etc. We have had some really unpleasant exchanges, one artisan spat on our floor when we refused to pay cash! How does everyone else feel about paying by cash?

Right. I'm lost so suggest we knock this one on the head. Apologies if I misunderstood Zoe!

don't ask for input if you're not prepared to discuss opposing opinions. don't fob anyone off in an insulting, childish manner just because you can't see past your own blinkers,....ok...you said that and that is rude.....!

I doubt you would say that to someones face. Your argument re: how the world would run according to Zoe is a little off the wall to say the least...all these wondeful caring people giving money for the good of the community....? giving money to educate not only their own children but other peoples children..really???? and pay money into services for poor people who cant afford to live...really? and yet at the moment there is a system in the world...not just France, UK, New Zealand...but the whole world..(so one would assume some sensible people think it should work....).that people pay a percentage of their earnings to keep services going....they dont...they avoid..they care only about how much money they take home...they dont care about schools..health or anything...I am a nurse...do you really suggest that all people out of the goodness of their hearts will pay me to look after everyone???? really???? so why so many people now wont pay tax...? they dont care we are paying for their kid to go to school...or their health to be cared for..how will we deal with those selfish people in your world Zoe?

Well, Catharine, it was when Carol that put the "brainwashed" in inverted commas that I was referring to there. as if it meant the word was a joke, or not to be taken seriously.

I was quoting you Zoe - hence the inverted commas. I have no idea why that 'means a lot'?

nobody goes anywhere to be brainwashed, but the fact that you put that in inverted commas means a lot. The schools, media, government and religion are all brainwashing, and there is no need to inverted comma something that is a reality.

If you know who is winning on dancing with the stars, then I'm sure you know all you need to. let's dispense with the idea that the planed we are living on is now an orchestrated mess.

Carol, with respect, where have I insulted you? Where have I shown anger. you are not policing, you say?? Well, right now, you're psychoanalysing me, and telling me who I am, how I feel, and what I believe in (all wrong diagnoses, by the way)

I simply feel that you hire who you want, pay them what you agree on, and leave it at that. you are going out of your way to make a big deal out of a non issue.

People dodge taxes, politicians do it. Big companies do it, that is their business, I just don't support them. when you buy anything made in China, you're supporting tax dodging, child labour/slave labour, and usually harmful working conditions for employees. buy raspberries off season, you are supporting the certain death of the endangered animals that live around the plantations in Kenya and so on.

to me.. that's simples. we make our own choices, and pay our own prices, but, clean consciences are up to every single one of us

you reckon Sheila...haha! yep...guess we are a good match for aggro...and neither argument will win....but know my own mind...and no cash going into any artisans purse..!

not really going anywhere is it Zoe...? guess I will just make sure that I dont employ anyone who doesnt ask to be paid cash.....as I have no guarantee they will be putting money towards local services...and you will do as you wish.....and in your world..kids dont go to school to be 'brainwashed' and everyone cares about everyone else and happily pays for whatever they want...and looks after those less fortunate...if you ever find that world Zoe...I would be happy to live in it....when you find it ...let me know.

Well you both have strongly held views, and this seems to have drifted slightly off topic.

semantics, my dear, you say "a parent", I say "parents", as in "parents" in general.be them one parent, or two, or three.

Education in this world is biased brainwashing, have you a better solution.

you are confusing things here, I'm simply saying that, socially, people will react differently to any situation, because of whatever pressures is put on them. the fact that Kiwis pay taxes has nothign to do with my point, which was, in different societies, people just have different mentalities. People pay taxes in Nigeria also.

Zoe...you are a very angry person who, when they dont get what they want, insults other people. You have been rude about me several times here..and I am not policing...I asked a question...about how people feel paying those who do not pay tax. I am not willing to do that..my choice...but according to you its other peoples business...well no actually...its the law....ok? dont pay tax...get caught..go to prison...simples eh?

don't ask for input if you're not prepared to discuss opposing opinions. don't fob anyone off in an insulting, childish manner just because you can't see past your own blinkers, and don't forget that, like I said, what people do is their own business... nobody elses'. You cannot police those around you.

Read carefully what I said Zoe...I said 'if a parent...' if A parent...not if parents... so one child doesnt get educated in your world? or teachers become angels...charity angels...are you a charity angel...that does good deeds out of the goodness of your heart because you love people and you want to help them...as you described good teachers....? you are not describing the real world Zoe...and in New Zealand...they dont pay taxes??? think you find they pay pretty good taxes in New Zealand...

Whatever Zoe....if that makes you feel good...

i'"m not a communist. Plus, you paying a political party means you are funding tax spongers. go figure. Don't fall into the trap of labelling people.

you talk about people judging others, yet you started this post judging others. If you are paying your way, and feeling good about that(as I do, and always have), then why have you need to gripe about others. What bearing do they have on your life. it is justl ike when people bitch about getting a raise,not because they feel they deserve one, but rather because they heard that someone else got more than they did. My opinion is, fix your agreements, work for your worth, and let others do as they please as long as it harms nobody.

and if you look at communism...(like all good kids I was a paid up member of the communist party at 15..and then couldnt get in to the US for 20 years!).....it doesnt work....China didnt work...piles of babies left to die because they were female so not valuable as an only child...its true...babies left in great piles outside of villages.......Russia....any idea just how much the Russians have suffered over the last 80 years...and how that has changed them as people? we all start out idealistic...that good can overcome..sadly Zoe it doesnt..because there are too many people out there that care about money, their own riches...the colour of peoples skin...and the way they talk or are educated.....nice ideas you have...but not in this universe...

My ideals are long, and I can get very drawn out, so it's perhaps best that I keep short, and not block the OP, but you're on to me.. I think man did, and still can, function without someone "governing", and taking payments for the right to do that. unfortunately, anarchism has too much negative connotations, but, in it's true form, where everyone contributes something, there is a lot to be said for it. Of course the human ego needs to evolve a LOT before this can ever happen

So no taxes for anyone then? And how exactly does society function? Or is it all about the barter?

carol, your age Vs mine has NOTHING to do with anything. The age card is a non player.

Only dishonest people will feel the need to scratch each others' eyes out to get by. When you look at a country like Nigeria where many people feel that the only way to live is to steal, kill, lie, and hide things. the more people DO this, the more people feel they HAVE TO. then look at New Zealand, you can literally leave your shoes on a beach overnight, and if they're not there when you get back the next day, someone will either approach you, or you will find a sign left saying someone found them, and the owner can get them back by calling whoever, or going wherever.

It's a spiral, and it goes both upward, and downward.

you say no parent wants to pay for their kid to go to school... but if the general public are the begrudgers you make them out to be, do you think they will be happy sending ANOTHER person's kid to school?

There is room in my society for goodwill, you see, and while the majority of parents will pay the teacher for the service, the one or two disadvantaged families will have their kids taught if the teacher is willing.

Why will other parents be pissed off at a child that is not theirs being educated?? It is none of their business. The system i have in mind is complicated with many tangents, and so, only hearing or understanding a small corner of it will of course have anyone criticize it, but look at it this way; is the system in place now working??